Risking Her Heart On The Single Dad Book Cover Risking Her Heart On The Single Dad
by Annie O'Neil
Romance , Women's Fiction, Medical
Mills & Boon
Pub Date 19 Mar 2020

Dare she dream of a family… …with a heartbroken single dad? Kirri West is dedicated to helping women who can’t have children. A heartache she lives with every day. But as she joins Ty Sawyer’s groundbreaking clinic, the gorgeous surgeon and his little girl become the kind of distraction she’s long avoided! While they could be a perfect family, Ty and Kirri would have to lay their hearts on the line first…

So there is this doctor- he is single, a widower in Atlanta, Georgia, with a daughter aged 6.
He had married his childhood sweetheart, never dated anyone else, and she died of cancer.
Along comes Kirri from Australia, with Australian gusto and charm, but yet she strives for a perfection one can never achieve. 
Her father thought only male children counted,  and her best was never enough to attract his attention. And her mother, having done her duty to provide children, retreated into her own world.
I emphasised with Kirri as I too had a father who only cared about his 'golden' son. Girls were for marriage, motherhood.
I too strove to be good enough to attract his attention but failed in so many ways.
Not an unusual situation and so often results in driven women.
I thought that Kiri was well drawn, and loved the mad Atlantan family.
Not so sure about the fixation on ribs these days though, when we know about the problems that too many beef cattle are causing. I applauded the guy who wanted to try BBQ aubergine!
 It was a nicely written, light story which I appreciated whilst ill in bed. Good for its genre. No poor grammar or proofreading.

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