A Royal Christmas Quandary Book Cover A Royal Christmas Quandary
Samantha Hastings
Young Adult Fiction, Macmillan Children's Publishing Group, Swoon
Swoon Reads
October 6, 2020

Readers looking for a light, fun read full of holiday mischief will be delighted by Samantha Hastings' A Royal Christmas Quandary, perfect for fans of A Christmas Prince and The Crown. When you spend Christmas in a castle, anything is possible. 1860. Lady Alexandrina Gailey is looking forward to a cozy holiday at Windsor Castle with her best friend, Princess Alice, and her long-time crush, Lord George Worthington. But Drina's plans are all but dashed when Alice's parents, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, declare that Alice must choose one of two royal princes to become engaged to before Christmas. There's just one problem: George, a junior member of the Foreign Office, has accidentally misplaced one of the princes. Together, Drina and George scour the town of Windsor for the missing prince, desperately hoping to deliver him to the royal dinner party with the queen none the wiser. They might just need a royal Christmas miracle to pull it off.

I liked the way this story mixed fact with fiction – faction in truth except that the people you would normally write faction about, were bit part players here. Queen Victoria appeared here in all her majesty and dictates. A suitable story for tweenagers.

Unfortunately for our heroine the entailed Estate was still legal at this time. In fact: England only outlawed the entail in 1925 applying to real estate. But England still allows male-only primogeniture for aristocratic titles, but this was changed for Royalty in 2013 whereby an Act of Parliament replaced male-preference primogeniture with absolute primogeniture for those in the line of succession born after 28 October 2011, which means the eldest child, regardless of sex, precedes their siblings.

And as for the crinoline and corsets – well – the fact that women had difficulty going through doors was well known as it was considered fashionable to have the largest crinoline you could, with the most furbelows!


I liked the adventures that our hero and heroine got up to, no matter how silly or unlikely, but still come back to the idea that 18 is much too young to decide on who to marry even though it was common then – and as for the Princess who was engaged at 14, well…

I also liked the parlor games and thought they could be great fun considering the lack of other entertainment – and as for the forfeits they were rather cheeky. Ice skating was a popular pastime too as it was rather colder during this period than it is now – partly because of the mini Ice Age being experienced, but also because of the Krakatoa explosion in 1883 which dropped average temperatures by at least 1 degree for over a year due to the dust cloud cover.

Over all a nice romp through a Victorian romance .

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  1. Giselle
    Great review! This sounds like a fun read and unique, too!

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