Lost Dog Book Cover Lost Dog
Kate Spicer
Human-animal relationships Auto-Biography non-Fiction
Ebury Press
January 30, 2020

The Sunday Times top ten bestseller 'Lost Dog is already one of my books of the year. Spicer writes like a dream...You will love it.' India Knight, Sunday Times 'Sharply observed and deeply funny, it's one of the best, most enjoyable books of 2019 so far' British Vogue What did Fleabag do next? One morning, you wake up and wonder what has happened to your life. Then you realise: you happened to yourself. Kate is a middle aged woman trying to steer some order into a life that is going off the rails. When she adopts a lurcher called Wolfy, the shabby rescue dog saves her from herself. But when the dog disappears, it is up to Kate to hit the streets of London and find him. Will she save him, as he has saved her - or will she lose everything? As she trudges endlessly calling his name in the hopeless hope she may find him, she runs into other people's landscapes and lives, finding allies amongst psychics, bloggers and mysterious midnight joggers. Trying to find her dog tests her relationship, and her sanity, to its limits - and gets her thinking about her life, and why things have turned out as they have for her. A brilliant, life-affirming memoir, Lost Dog is a book like no other about the myth of modern womanhood.

The thing that I liked most about this book is the honesty.

Lurcher - Your Dog

There is no glossing over the drugs and drink to make them seem glamorous, just the truth of a dysfunctional life.

I’ve never had a dog, but we did lose a cat once – for about a week. He crossed a main road and lost his scent markers on his territory and yes there is great sadness and ‘hopeless hope’ as the posters go up, and the notices. We found him – or rather he was recognised as he begged for food and was safely returned.

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