The Corpse Wore Stilettos Book Cover The Corpse Wore Stilettos
MJ O'Neill
crime fiction, mystery, thriller,
BooksGoSocial/ Red Adept Publishing
30 Apr 2019

SHE WORE A DONNA KARAN MARKED FOR REPOSSESSION Since Kat Waters’s father took a trip to the slammer on what she’s sure are trumped-up racketeering charges, life’s been tough. All their assets are frozen, and she’s down to the last few pairs of Jimmy Choos she can swap for rent. To keep her family out of the homeless shelter, the former socialite took a job at the local morgue—a job she’s about to lose when the body of a murder victim goes missing on her watch.  HE WORE A CAPTIVATING SMILE While Kat’s processing the latest victim in the prostitute serial killings, ex-Special Forces soldier Burns McPhee strolls in with an air of confidence, expecting access to the Jane Doe. While Burns tries to flirt his way into examining the latest victim, whom he thinks is connected to the death of his best friend, someone else steals the body right out from under them. THE CORPSE WORE STILETTOS Dodging questions from the cops and kidnapping attempts from a body-snatching psycho, Kat and Burns forge a deal. He’ll clear her name and keep her safe if she gets him information on her peculiar coworkers, one of whom he’s certain is involved with the body heist. But digging up secrets can lead to a lower life expectancy. The unlikely team will need all their talents not to end up as the morgue’s next clients while they hunt for a murderer, the missing corpse, and a pair of diamond-studded stilettos.

In any group there are a number of roles that are played according to this story: The ‘leader’; the ‘cheer leader’; the ‘martyr’; the ‘historian; and the ‘information broker’. And when a newly employed assistant in the County morgue has a corpse disappear on her, then these roles are played by the people she co-opts in her search to discover who the corpse was, and who stole her from the morgue.

There were a couple of clues that I thought was not followed up enough – firstly the stilettos themselves – our heroine identifies them as high end designer wear when she first sees the corpse and then this is ignored in the description that was later given as a reason the dead girl was un likely to be a prostitute. Secondly her jewellery was taken off in the morgue and included a solid gold cross which was put into the evidence locker. Again this was not mentioned again in the story.

So Kat really needed to read in more depth her ‘PI for Dummies’ book..

I liked Kat though as a character and her habit of spouting odd facts and her inability to make decisions without lists and decision trees; her issues within social situations; and her general lack of self-worth. I also liked the other characters in this book – DC – the Cheer Leader and wearer of odd outfits; Marshall being suitably creepy; and Burns the enigmatic one.

I’m interested to see where this series goes from  here.

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