Books 4-6 inclusive. by Daniel Arenson (see 24th January 2015 for a review of books 1-3)

I thought that in many ways this was a set of repeat books of the first 3, even with many of the same characters turning up and doing the same things, just 20 years later. There was yet more medieval warfare, death and destruction. The light were still trying to obliterate the dark – with some added black magic.

I was hoping that the story had moved on when I bought this second part set of the series but clearly it was still aiming at those who are into warfare gaming – which is not me.

Moth is still not turning and it looks as though it never will. And the two races that have evolved have difficulties living in the other half of the planet – sunburn or lack of vitamin D and SAD being very common – not to mention food issues.

I read to the end hoping to find a ray of hope for the world – and my reading time – but got more and more depressed. Each book being more depressing and dark than the previous one. And the Clock Badgers and the Orrery are no more – the  really interesting back story that was never written.

If there are ever any follow-ups, I shan’t read them – and will be very cautious indeed about any further work by this author.

For me warfare is depressing but for the YA and warfare gamers it may be more interesting.

I give the books 2.5; 2; 1.5 in order off their position in the book set.

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