As a member of the Blogging University we have been encouraged to branch our into other social media platforms – but also to remind readers of where else they can find us and what we talk about.

Well this has left me in a quandary. Do I tell all? Or leave me in pieces for different audiences?

I am going to tell all!

I have another blog: Over the UnderGround. ukgardenfiend.wordpress.com. London’s Green and Pleasant Land. It is really about where I live, some history, and some stuff about the green environment and what we are doing there in terms of an organisation I am involved in. If you are interested in London, then it is worth checking out. I’ve had great fun so far  writing this as I have delved into old books and history sites. And found out all sorts of really interesting things. But it is only an occasional blog here I’m afraid.

I have a Tumblr site: http://ukgardenfiend.tumblr.com/ which is a copy version of my blog

I review also on GoodReads: UKGardenfiend. And you can see there just how many books I read – and have read. Last year -2014- over 150!

I also add my reviews to Amazon as EllieWC.

And I am on NetGalley which is where I get a lot of my books to review. Just reached over 100 reviews on this site alone!

I have a FaceBook a/c: https://www.facebook.com/elayne.coakes and you can find all my book reviews plus other items such as info about free books, giveaways, book competitions and of course cats in many varieties. This is the main place to visit to see everything…

And finally: I tweet @CoakesElayne

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