Wish Upon a Duke
(12 Dukes of Christmas Book 3)
Erica Ridley
regency, historical fiction, romance
(20 Nov. 2018)

Love, Actually…

Rumor has it, charming adventurer Christopher Pringle is finally ready to settle down. He’s searching for a free-spirited bride to join him on his travels. But when the matchmaker he hires turns out to be the woman he had a public spat with the day before, nothing goes as planned!

Miss Gloria Godwin loves exploring the world… from the safety of a book. She detests her dashing client’s attempts to force her from her comfort zone. It should be easy to marry off the handsome heir to a dukedom. But the more she tries to match him to other women, the harder it gets to say goodbye…

This is part 3 of the 12 Dukes of Christmas stories, although the hero in this story is not actually a Duke, his brother is (and the Duke of the first story). Christmas of course, is the village of that name set somewhere in the mythical high lands beyond the Lake District, that is high in the (non-existent) mountains and which gets a lot of snow.

This village seems to have a very short spring and summer but the local population love the weather as it brings the tourists – along with the name of the village of course. And the time setting of these stories is right for when the Romantics started the craze of visiting the Lake District and falling in love with its scenery (not to mention writing rhapsodical poems under the influence of drugs).

So our not-Duke hero comes to the village with one thought in mind – he needs a bride to take with him on his travels, and he has 4 weeks to obtain this bride as his ship sails then. Of course, there are many maidens in this village who wold be delighted to go with him, but he sets his sight on one who is very reluctant to leave the village indeed. Our heroine hates the thought of travel as travel has brought her the loss of her father and her fiancée. She does however, love telescopes, astronomy and clockwork – and fiddling with them.

This is why I love reading these stories.

They are light. Predictable and happy and always with a much more modern heroine than you can imagine – in more ways than you can expect from a Regency novel! All her heroines are well educated often in unusual, for the time, subjects, and all of them happy to be unmarried.

Series in Order:

  1. Once Upon a Duke
  2. Kiss of a Duke
  3. Wish Upon a Duke
  4. Never Say Duke
  5. Dukes, Actually
  6. The Duke’s Bride
  7. The Duke’s Embrace
  8. The Duke’s Desire
  9. Dawn with a Duke
  10. One Night with a Duke
  11. Ten Days with a Duke
  12. Forever Your Duke

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