What Happens Now? Book Cover What Happens Now?
Sophia Money-Coutts
contemporary fiction, romance,
Pub Date 22 Aug 2019

‘I was pregnant with the baby of a man I had met once.
What was one normally left with after a first date? A bad case of thrush?’

After eight years together, Lil Bailey thought she’d already found ‘the one’ – that is, until he dumped her for a blonde twenty-something colleague. So she does what any self-respecting singleton would do: swipes right, puts on her best bra and finds herself on a first date with a handsome mountaineer called Max. What’s the worst that can happen?

Well it’s pretty bad actually. First Max ghosts her and then, after weeing on a stick (but mostly her hands), a few weeks later Lil discovers she’s pregnant. She’s single, thirty-one and living in a thimble-sized flat in London, it’s hardly the happily-ever-after she was looking for.

Lil’s ready to do the baby-thing on her own – it can’t be that hard, right? But she should probably tell Max, if she can track him down. Surely he’s not that Max, the highly eligible, headline-grabbing son of Lord and Lady Rushbrooke, currently trekking up a mountain in South Asia? Oh, maybe he wasn’t ignoring Lil after all…

Ah – the story revolves around a bit of an oopsie – what happens when you are taking the pill, but have a really bad stomach upset, and then a one night stand? Oh dear… yes, and what do you do then?

Lil is a primary school teacher whose parents are academics; and Max her one-night stand partner, is an adventurer – a professional climber of extreme mountains, and whose father is a Viscount. Not a lot in common, especially as said father has a 22 bedroom mansion/castle/ baronial home that Max will inherit some day along with lots of acres etc.

I found this a nice chicklit romance with humour and millennial angst over marriage, property and relationships.

A good style and easy reading and one you didn’t really want to finish but yet really want to find out what happens.

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