Random Acts of Baby Book Cover Random Acts of Baby
Surprise Baby, Romantic Comedy
(6 Aug. 2020)

You know those television stories about the woman who goes to the emergency room thinking she has a bad case of indigestion or kidney stones or a burst appendix and she comes home with a bouncing baby boy?Stupid woman, right? Who the hell doesn’t know she’s pregnant for nine and a half months? I used to think those mamas were one block short of a level trailer.Used to.Random Acts of Baby is the 11th book in Julia Kent's New York Times bestselling series as Darla, Trevor, and Joe go on a long, crazy journey involving a baby, living two lives, and learning who you can count on most when you need a helping hand.

This book disappointed. I thought it was not as funny as the last one apart from one scene which had me in stitches – crying tears of laughter – see Trevor in the cupboard with the chicken, eggs and a shoe.

For me, the story was not as well-crafted with few new characters, new life events and mayhem. And I was disappointed to find out who had the baby!

Sorry Julia. This one failed for me.

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