Avanaux Book Cover Avanaux
A Hickory Lace Adventure: Book 1 of the Prosperine Trilogy
PJ McDermott
science fiction, adventure, religion, metaphysical, visionary
Patrick McDermott Publishing
June 1, 2015

For sixty years, the Alien Corps has searched for the Second Son of God.

When a native on the planet Prosperine is reported to be exorcising demons, curing blindness, and healing the sick, Hickory and her team are sent to investigate. If this “Teacher” proves to be the one in the prophecy, it will signal the beginning of the apocalypse.

But Hickory and her superiors aren’t the only ones interested in Prosperine. A sinister galactic force is planning to seize the planet’s reserves of crynidium, the key to faster than light travel. If they succeed, their next stop will be Earth and its colonies.

Hickory needs to stop the insurgents, discover what the Teacher is up to, and decide whether he is a fraud—or perhaps the very person the Alien Corps has been searching for.

Something new here in terms of theme – the mix of religion and sci-fi giving adventure a twist.

I thought it an interesting take on the ‘first contact’ theme and what you can and cannot do when you meet one of the many humanoid species out there in deep space.

So there is a new saint discovered in the 22nd century who has foretold another messiah with a new set of gospels demonstrating what s/he would be like and it is the mission of the Council to check all such reportings for veracity under the rules concerning first contact.

A reasonable story but didn’t inspire me to want to read more.

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