Who’s Bewitching? Book Blitz

Night ignored the voice at the back of his mind that whispered to seduce the beautiful human standing before him. As much as he desired her, he couldn’t act on it. Bastian might not have placed his mark on her yet, but she was to be his. That was the reason his brother had asked him to watch her. She had agreed to become his servant in exchange for the benefits it would grant her, like a longer life and immunity to disease, and this mansion as her home. Night couldn’t break that contract.
He would do as his brother had asked and watch her.
In his own fashion.
“Where is your room?” Because he intended to lock her in it and have a servant bring her three meals a day until he was gone or Bastian had returned. When her lips parted, he spoke before she could, not sure he would be able to handle the sound of her voice if it was as beautiful as the rest of her. “Do not speak. Show me.”
He grabbed her arm.
Surprising her.
And stupidly himself too.
She wasn’t owned. Touching her without Bastian’s consent wouldn’t hurt him or her. But part of him had been ready for a blast of white-hot pain and prepared to see her crumple in a heap as Bastian’s ownership of her took effect and punished her.
Night drew down a deep breath, catching her scent, and followed it up the stairs. He tracked it along the cream corridor, his shoes loud on the wooden floor, punctuating the heavy silence as the female followed him.
Her eyes on his profile.
Gods, she had to stop looking at him. His control was threadbare, and he feared it wasn’t because he had been due to feed tonight and had worked himself up for a hunt. Had he thought himself dead? He was no longer sure that was the case as his heart thundered, blood rushing in his veins.
He would be dead if he touched her though.
If he surrendered to the wicked urges she roused in him.

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