What a housewife does in between chores

The Housewife Assassin's Horrorscope Book Cover The Housewife Assassin's Horrorscope
Housewife Assassin #18
Josie Brown
humour, crime, thriller,
Signal Press
(16 Nov. 2018)

Murder. Suspense. Romance. And some handy household tips.


Donna, Jack, and their Acme black ops team must find twelve suspects, each born under a different Zodiac sign, who hold the clues to a Doomsday operation that will embroil the United States in a world war.

Always before a 4 star but heading down with this book to a 3, I think the series is beginning to get a little tired, and to my mind, this story not quite up to standard. I only managed one snigger and a couple of smiles.

I also didn’t find the chapter intros as amusing as usual.

We now have Jack happily married with our housewife (not) and all the other romances going smoothly. There seemed not to be any major hiccups, mis-representations, or even sexy escapades from our housewife, although Jack nearly got into trouble. So all the things that make the series fun were largely missing.

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What happens when a Hitman gets Married?

Hitman's Wedding Book Cover

Hitman's Wedding

Bad Boy Inc #4

Eve Langlais

action and adventure, thriller, suspense, romance

Eve Langlais

(24 Aug. 2018)

The employees of Bad Boy Inc. are gathering for a celebration. The bride sported the latest in bullet proof corsets. The groom wore a gun. The guests came armed for action. But the cake blew up before they could eat it. As for the honeymoon, it’s going to be a mad chase across the globe dodging bullets and bombs to find the culprit who wants them all dead. Once upon a time, Darren fell for a woman while in the world’s most romantic city. In full view of the Eiffel tower he had his heart torn from his chest and stomped on. Time for revenge. Francesca played Darren for a fool, but he won’t let it happen again. Now that he’s found her, she’s going to pay for her actions. Problem is she’s getting under his skin. Rubbing against his skin. Making him remember those Paris days and hotter nights. Before he can decide if he’s crazy enough to fall in love with her again, everything explodes after the wedding.

Now this is a complex storyline.

There are plots within plots.

Who is leaking information? What do they want? What is the endgame? Why is BBI targeted?

And then along comes Fran – the model – and deceit.

An enjoyable action packed thriller – think James Bond with James being Jemima. Yes, a female assassin saves the day – again – and again.

This is an interesting series with absolutely no fantasy or super-naturals involved. Just heroes and heroines with somewhat dodgy attributes and jobs!

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When you’re trying not to kill….

Leine Basso the Assassin Book Cover

Leine Basso the Assassin

Leine Basso #3 books

DV Berkom

adventure, action, thriller

Duct Tape Press

July 31, 2015


When a former assassin's daughter is abducted, she's drawn into the twisted game of a serial killer who may be a grisly remnant from her past. What happens when a reality show turns deadly? Determined to leave her old life behind, retired assassin Leine Basso accepts a job working security at one of television's most popular reality shows, Serial Date. When a contestant is found dead in the prop closet, it appears the killer is one of the 'bachelors' on the show- an ex-con billed as a serial killer- but the detective in charge of the case isn't so sure. When Leine's estranged daughter is abducted by a man claiming to be the real killer, she's forced to rely on old skills to find her, and must come to terms with who she really is. She soon realizes the murderer may be a grisly remnant from her past and she'll need to use all of her cunning to stop him... ...and rescue her daughter. "If you like fast-paced action, great lead characters, and don't mind a few F-bombs and the occasional gore, DV Berkom is the author for you." BloodWrites "Serial Date has everything a mystery/thriller needs to be successful, fast-paced and action packed, strong and memorable characters and a story that will grab you from beginning to end..." Confessions of a Reader "Why should you read it? In a nutshell it's a fast-paced, non-linear story with some creepy elements mashed together with a splash of romance and dark humour. What's not to like?" Indie eBooks

I like DV Berkom’s writing and bought this set having read her previous series about Kate Jones – a PI.

Now Leine is trying very hard to leave her previous life behind – and not to kill people – but is constantly being thwarted. By  her ex-boss. By Russian gangsters. By psychopaths. And so it goes. She is a little rusty and her skills are not quite what they were, but she remembers her Krav Magma and can even teach it. She remembers how to shoot cleanly. But she does seem to forget one thing – author note this – she might clean her gun but she forgets to clean off any cartridges/bullets left in the gun and she doesn’t wear nitrile gloves – when loading.  Big oops these days.

That aside.

I enjoyed the book set but do feel that she has really run her course of stories and won’t purchase any more.

  1. Serial Date

2. Bad Traffick

3. The Body Market

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What a tattoo can do – more than you ever thought!

Ink Witch Book Cover

Ink Witch

Kat Dubois #1-4

Lindsey Fairleigh

fantasy, magic, mythology, urban fantasy

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

(22 Sept. 2016)

A whole new series from the world of the Echo Trilogy. Three years ago, the gods abandoned us. We've been alone ever since. Kat Dubois is immortal, and she’s retired. She’s long since hung up her sword and left assassinating immortals to someone else...anyone else. She’s now a hard drinking, sass-flinging Seattle tattoo artist with the innate ability to read people’s fortunes using her charmed deck of tarot cards. Her days of bloodshed are over, and she has nothing but time--an eternity, in fact--to hide from her past. Until someone from her past shows up on her doorstep with news that her beloved older brother and mentor, Dominic, has gone missing. Kat may be the only person with the right skills--and access to the right magic--to track him down. She must confront her past if she’s to have any chance of finding and saving her brother. She must fight her demons. She must embrace the power within her. She must become the Ink Witch.

Egyptian gods and goddesses morph into a Supergirl fantasy crossed with Jessica Jones.

This is a YA series that isn’t.

The heroine is 38 trapped in the body – and hormones – of an 18 year old. For eternity. Or until she is killed – but she is very very hard to kill.

The myths of Old Egypt meet – something new to me, although it seemed to be loosely based on these myths with lots of additions.

Did I like the books? Of course. I always like a kickass female heroine and Kat wins on all scales from her mad sword skills to her mixed martial arts AND she rides a Ducati!

I totally get why she has tattoos, even though not my scene, but they prove essential to the storyline, though not sure about the extra body piercings even though they add to the ‘bad’ character.

Can’t wait until book 5 comes out.

I have also bought the prequel series to get the background to this series.

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Can it be fixed?

Dead End Fix Book Cover

Dead End Fix

Justice #6

T.E. Woods

Crime, Thriller & Mystery,


(21 Jun. 2016)


I’ll bring Hadley home. Whatever it takes. Whatever it costs. Whoever has to die.

There’s a gang war unfolding on the streets of Seattle. A young boy has been killed in a drive-by shooting, and the ensuing chaos threatens to engulf the city. Normally, chief of detectives Mort Grant would be dealing with the fallout—but right now, his mind is elsewhere. . . .

In one gut-wrenching phone call, Mort’s worst fears are realized. His granddaughter Hadley has been kidnapped, and the culprit is his own flesh and blood: Allie, his daughter and Hadley’s aunt. Now, desperate for any sign of the missing six-year-old girl, Mort turns once again to the relentless vigilante called The Fixer for help.

The last Justice novel ended on somewhat of a cliff hanger. One of the twins had disappeared – presumably taken by her Aunt Allie.

This novel begins with Allie and the twin on ‘holiday’.

Allie is struggling to grasp control of the crime syndicate she wrested from her erstwhile fiancé/captor. Tying to expand into the Middle East she makes a promise she finds difficult to fulfil.

Meanwhile Mort gets involved in a gang turf war in Seattle.

At the end Green k is offered a deal by the gang boss which would silence him but which would also remove him from the toxic atmosphere of gang life in the city.

So two stories run alongside each linked by the presence of Mort, and we are reminded forcefully why young African/ American boys find themselves in crime gangs.

They live in inner city areas, where there are no longer jobs, shops, or transport. Where they have been abandoned by recurring Administrations who favour the middle-classes and the rich; where tax dollars are not spent in their areas and where policing is often brutal and unforgiving with a presumption of guilt.

So a nice political statement explored in one of the stories – that of Green K. And with a clear writing style that flows and is easy to read.

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