Not so young as their name.

Fake It Book Cover Fake It
Young Brothers Book 1
by Brisa Starr
New Adult | Romance
Pub Date 26 Sep 2020

Harper Dallas is so desperate for the job, she's willing to lie on her resume to get it. But she has a good reason, and she's qualified. So that makes it OK, right?

Ethan Young is her devastatingly hot and sexy new boss, and he hired her based on her lie. He's wonderful, and he's falling hard for Harper. But office romance is forbidden, so he can't touch her, no matter what his heart and hormones say. 

But when the boss and employee take a business trip to Las Vegas, well... what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! 

Eventually, Harper knows she must tell Ethan the truth, even if it means risking everything... her newfound happiness, her amazing job, and the man of her dreams. 

Her lie is eating her alive. If she comes clean, will their love survive? 

Author’s Note: Fake It is a standalone steamy romance novel about a hot-n-sexy boss and employee relationship. It has a happily every after ending. It’s also the first book in a romance series, with stories about Ethan’s brothers, Gavin and Benjamin!

This book is a series of three about the Young brothers who own restaurants across Arizona. Book One deals with marketing. I thought that the marketing ideas were rather old hat and as for lying on your CV that’s okay we all exaggerate and take a little bit of what our bosses do into our own tasks and responsibilities. The office was based on the West Coast laid back style with games and nap chairs type but still seemed rather more conventional than many I have read about. I did like the element of autism that was brought in very empathetically. I give this four stars

Book 2 of the Young brothers dealt with a lot of body enhancements. I found it very difficult to warm to the characters as they were so extreme in their views – there was the view of frugality as opposed to spending; the issues of biohacking; and it seemed to me that saving a million is not enough to retire on especially if it’s invested in the stock market  – as it would require interest and the stock market goes up and down loads.  And interest is often negative on savings. And then, using houses as retirement savings is also a dodgy area, in that you need a. the renters and b. what happens if the economy crashes. A lot of friends of mine ended up with negative equity with the last house price crash, and I understand that it is worse in the US. If the writer had made more of the true finances of retirement and savings at present, I would have given this book another .5 star. I give this three stars. Book 3 is not yet out.

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What is your heritage?

Ryker Chronicles Book Cover Ryker Chronicles
Blood Moon: #1
Jeannette Savage
Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Oddwall Publishing, BooksGoSocial
November 10, 2018

Orphaned by the unsolved slaughter of her mother, Amy Ryker grew up expecting nothing from anyone. After walking away from a devastating accident unscathed, she decides to play it safe. That is until a rugged shifter shows up, with the promise of a better life. One that seems too good to be true.Agent Morgan Lazaro, who watched the Ryker case hit a dead end fifteen years prior, gets a closer look into the supernatural than he bargained for. Narrowly surviving a shifter attack, he involves himself further in Amy's case, finding that the trail leads deeper than anyone imagined.As Amy learns what it is to be a shifter, adversaries from all sides threaten to destroy her new life. She must face her past once and for all, or lose everything she's grown to love.

First in a series of 3 unless you count the prequel as 1, in which case number 2.  Contains the important message ‘don’t called them werewolves’. They are shifters of course.

Our heroine is drawn into a world she hadn’t realised existed with 2 packs of shifters at odds with each other and a Goddess and looming Convergence. Amy ‘channels’ the Goddess and one pack finds itself on an alien planet – so we mix sci—fi with paranormal.

The mix didn’t really work for me. And I didn’t find the storytelling compelling – and no humour which made it rather heavy going at times, especially when the storyline moved time periods.

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Off to a fairytale we go..

Peaches & the Duke Book Cover Peaches & the Duke
Rocking Royal Trilogy #1
Jeffrey L Mayo, Ginger Voight,
Romance, Contemporary, Women's Fiction
Independently Published
August 24, 2020

For Peaches McPhee, the chance to interview the Duke of Mayhem is too good an opportunity to miss. This eccentric, elusive royal went rogue to pursue a career as a rock god years before, but he was finally willing to spill the tea in a tell-all memoir that would ensure he'd never sit on a throne.Only Auggie isn't the only one keeping secrets. And it's a secret that is increasingly harder for Peaches to hide the closer he gets to her, literally bringing a fairy tale to life. When the whole world turns its focus on her and those she loves the most, a palace just might be the last place left to hide.Ginger Voight is back and she expands her Groupieverse across the oceans to foreign lands, where a rock and roll prince might have found an American princess. With the help of her best friend, they bring 40 years of storytelling collaboration to sweep you away to a magical land where fairy tales really do come true, whether you like it or not.You fell for Vanni, you pined for Drew... but nothing could have prepared you for Auggie.Say hello to your next book boyfriend.

OK. So he is  called the Duke of Mayhem in  a Rock and Roll band – that’s his stage name  – but he has another identity – a Prince! The prince of Aldayne. Aldayne is an imaginary island off the coast of Ireland – quite large it seems and comprised of 2 volcanos and the land between. And then there is the black soil which grows black roses, black wine and black berries. Now if you have been to the Canaries, you will know about the balc volcanic sand/soil on Tenerife that grows a particlualrly sweet wine often just referred to as ‘Canary’ in historical records. The grapes grow in an unusual low braided form rather on long rows of trellis.

So Ginger has appropriated some of this geology, she has also appropriated a little geology from the Isle of Man, the island that does lay off the coast of Ireland –  and was formed partially by an underwater volcano although nothing is active now of course.

So Aldayne, still has a monarch – a true feudal monarch, no constitutional monarchy here and Auggie was expected to be the 51st Quinn king of the island. Ginger also gives the island a rather nice history as a place that took in refugees and immigrants from all nations for a very long time, and where many of the aristocracy were black and there seemed to be no colour bar or racial tension.

Peaches McFee on the other hand was a music/media journalist born to a family of ‘hippies’. Or at least a family where, apart from the oldest son, the children were brought up in a rather free flowing family as the parents moved around a lot – often acting as caretakers for properties. In fact currently, they were living in a farm whose owner had bought it as a present for his wife, who died soon after, and thus he couldn’t bear to live in it. It was a $4 million complex of 10,000 sq feet of main house, with 8 bedrooms and 8 baths, plus a guest house of 2500 sq feet  with 2 bedrooms opening onto a pool with a waterfall! There was a tennis court, stables, horses, full of animals and organic produce. Of the McPhee children, the one everyone falls in love with is the baby of the family – Dashiel – who loves to dance in  a rainbow tutu and refuses to let anyone cut his strawberry blonde hair.

Peaches is hired by Auggie to write the story of his next band tour – a 5 month long trek round America and Europe, at a very sizable amount of money. But Peaches has a secret – and so it runs out does Auggie – in fact he has several that he doesn’t tell her.

This is very enjoyable and very different love story. A version if you like of Cinderella without the shoe and a rock band instead! Nice story telling and imaginative geography/geology/history of the island – combinations of the place we’d like so many places to be perhaps?

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Engagement? Why not?

Married By December: The Engagement
Married By December #1-5
Ava Lyon
New Adult Romance, Contemporary Romance
Pub Date 10 Jul 2020

He is the good-looking boss seeking a billion dollars investment. She is the brand manager of his company. How far will they go to get the deal?

Mia is the best dressed feisty brand manager who fixes things. She strongly believes in her independence as a woman and will not let a man define her happiness. However, her mother believes that the most significant achievement in a woman’s life is to have a husband.

Alan is Mia’s boss. He is in desperate need for a billion dollars investment so he can take his company to the next level. He built the company from scratch, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get the investment required to take his company forward.

The investor is very conservative and will not back a company run by a celibate.

Mia agrees to help Alan get the investment even though she has a secret crush on him. Will they find love in the middle of this crisis or will their emotions ‘run high’ and ruin everything?

The Engagement is the first book of 'Married by December Series'. It is fully packed with laughter, heartache, excitement and much more.

This was part one of a set of 5 ‘chapters’. Each novella carried on the story although they completed a part in themselves but failed to make a book. I read the further 4 ‘chapter/novellas from KU. Even so, the totality of the 5 was a short book.

It was a sweet and contemporary story set in our high tech world with their fantasy Silicon Valley and programming and Apps. It was a story about just how can you attract investors into your concept and what did they want in return apart from a chunk of your business. Mia and Alan find an innovative way to address this by faking a relationship for the very traditional, small ‘c’ conservative Investor. Mid-West type all about family and marriage and children etc. And the only possible candidate is a very smart PR manager who wears designer unlike the rest of the nerds – who think a clean t-shirt is going all out. [I’ve worked with them, so I know first hand!]

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Nicely written but in reality Part 1 is merely a Prologue and NG should have offered the full 5 parts.

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Whirlwinds go around…

OhSoBoutique! Series Book 1
J.J. Maya
Romance | Women's Fiction, Romantic Comedy
BooksGoSocial, Michelle McDermott
3 Apr 2020

WARPAINT IS THE SIMPLY SPARKLING ROM COM NOVEL OF 2020 - WILL WILLOW STEAL YOUR HEART? Readers are falling in love with Warpaint!  Scottish Makeup Artist Willow meets dashing New Yorker, Rick, and marries him after a whirlwind romance. But her new life in NYC is far from the perfect fresh start she imagined. Ignoring the warnings of her colleagues on the beauty hall floor, Willow headed off into the sunset with Rick...but his “Manhattan” loft is a bedsit in Queens and his ex, Isabella, appears to be in residence. Scorned Isabella alerts the authorities of a suspected “Green Card Marriage,” setting off a chain reaction with dramatic consequences. Now, faced with the threat of deportation and her marriage over before it had the chance to begin, will Willow find the courage to stay in New York and make all her makeup artistry dreams come true? Warpaint is Book One in the heartwarming OhSoBoutique! Series.

Are whirlwind marriages always deigned to go wrong? Can you fall in love (not lust) within a matter of weeks and marry and give up everything you’ve ever known to follow your new spouse into a new country and culture?
Well this heroine thought she could.
Willow is not the youngest heroine, nor is she the most beautiful, and so when Rick – a dashing American who appeared to have plenty of money – claims to have fallen in love with her, asks her to marry him and move to his Manhattan loft, she accepts. With trepidation its true. Which was justified as Manhattan lofts are not quite what she expected – especially when she finds remnants of Rick’s girlfriend in evidence. Seems she had only just left the ‘loft’. And wasn’t best pleased about it either and was determined to let Willow and Rick know.
This is a sweet tale of misguidedness and naivety and how difficult it can be to settle into a new culture and worse – to get a job in the States. The legal requirement of a valid and happy marriage being one of course.
With some finagling we manage to get to a happy ending through tears and struggles and stubbornness which makes one fall for Willow in her innocence, even not so much Rick. But her choice. And Willow finds she has some lovely co-workers who are prepared to put themselves on the line for her, demonstrating their depth of friendship.

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