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Stella may have bad weather

At first I found the books rather slow going and traditional in the story-line, but the first book picked up sharply when the Brothers arrived and tried to burn Stella, but Etoile nipped in and saved her.

Stella was a weirdo around whom strange accidents happened.

A lonely child who was orphaned at an early age and who had never made friends. Due to a lack of money she had not been able to afford any training or further education and thus had left school early to enter minimum paid, low skilled, temporary clerical work. She never settled at any job and thus never really progressed.

Her rescue by Etoile opened her life up to a new world of supernatural beings living alongside ordinary humans. To her surprise she found that there were werewolves, witches, shape-shifters, vampires and demons, all living in the ‘normal’ world, holding down ordinary jobs, owning houses, and apparently no different from anyone else unless you knew.

Magic thus entered Stella’s world, and Books 2-5 detail her love affairs; her heartbreak; her development of her powers; the deadly political and power games that were played out amongst these supernatural beings; and the story of her family and what really happened to them.

Book 5 leaves you with a horrific cliff-hanger, so be prepared to purchase Book 6 AS SOON AS IT IS PUBLISHED.

As the storyline developed and became more complex, with many players and plots, I became increasingly interested in finding out what happens. 

It is clear that the author’s story-telling skills have developed as she write the series, as each book is better than the last.


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Mysteries of the Graves

Addictive reading
Book 1 : Armed and Fabulous is where I started.
Now here was a five star book that hooked me into reading all 8 one after the other!
 We have the heroine – a blonde bimbo who isn’t – reminiscent of Legally Blonde films – with similar behaviours.... the not quite up to it when asked to undertake a difficult or complicated task. The very long lunch hours. The hair twisting and dumb looks. The lengthy time to do the simplest thing. The online shoe shopping when they should be typing..
Oh yes. The shoes! And did I mention the shoes?manolo
She just loves expensive stilettos by designers such as Manolo Blahnik and has quite a collection that grows ever larger. Anyone feel the love coming on? When I was in full-time work I started the day in 3” stilettos; as the day wore on the 2” came out from under the desk; then the 1” flatties and then back to the 3” for home. But all colours and shades and decorations. I had found a shop that sold shoes taken from the wardrobes of films and TV series when they were no longer needed... yeah – really great ones, at a great price.
 She has 2 hotties to choose from. Yum yum as she says.traingle
 She is a lot smarter than she looks and behaves but uses her behaviour to her advantage – until one hottie works out he is being played and that there is a really good investigator – with a great best friend – hiding. And then the 2nd hottie also finds out that she is not as dumb as she acts.
 The act of course is defensive to cover up some past episodes in her life which haven’t gone so well and suits her until she finds her niche. Which by the end of book 8 she certainly does. And uses her bimbo behaviour to solve crimes as who can believe the dumb temp can really be a Private Investigator?
 I am now waiting for book 9 ...

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