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Plenty of cats here…

A Devilish Disappearance: Book Cover A Devilish Disappearance:
Cats, Ghosts, and Avocado Toast #3
NM Howell
A hilariously witchy reverse harem mystery
Dungeon Media Corp.
(13 July 2018)

An upcoming wedding, a disappearing body, and three totally smitten cats.

Price Jones, with the help of her three furry housemates and spirited landlady, has finally launched her thrift shop and juicebar. But when a dead body appears then disappears from their favorite neighborhood coffee spot, mayhem sweeps through Salem once again.

With the wedding of her douchebag ex-fiancee looming ahead, Price Jones has enough on her mind besides solving yet another suspicious disappearance.

But with the guys at her side, her new and improved self is ready to take on just about anything... even if she has to put on a dress to do it.

3  books and a  novella in this collection by Howell but only the novella has the ‘action’ as regards what you might call an adult theme of a reverse harem as suggested.

That said, I found the books gently amusing, cosy but does contain swearing, hints and innuendoes.

That said, her 3 ‘cats’ who are shifters or witch familiars if you prefer, are called, Finn, Tom and Pussy. Yes – he really is….


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Books/book review/Fantasy/fiction

Let me have a feline familiar

Familiar Shadows Book Cover Familiar Shadows
Federal Witch Universe, Familiar Magic #1
Taki Drake, TS Paul
fairy tales, mythology, folk tales

Some days are just BAD. A couple of thousand feet in the air, hanging from eagle talons and bleeding out. Just a typical bad day for a rebellious cat. Meet Dascha, a perfect example of contrariness and smarts. This young Russian Blue is not interested in following the family business, at all! But a moment of inattention leads to danger and pain, and she is left with some hard decisions to make. Will she survive mage attacks, wolves, and, worst of all, her instructors?

These stories are written from the viewpoint of the witches’ familiars, starting with the kitten, in Russia.

Here we find out something about life is like now in Russia for the magic community now that the wars have decimated the elders and the teachers.

It is rather short and for me lacked development of the idea. It is childish in style and I am not sure if was aimed at children or not. Which is a shame and means that I shan’t be reading the next 2 in the series: Familiar Trials; and Familiar Travels.

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Books/book review/fiction/crime fiction

Clever Cats?

Wonder Cat Mysteries Book Cover Wonder Cat Mysteries
3 book series
Harper Lin
animals, witches, cosy, magic
Harper Lin Books
(13 Jan. 2016)

A Paranormal Mystery Series about Magic Cats and Modern-day Witches

Box set includes THREE complete novels in The Wonder Cats Mysteries. A $15 value!

A Hiss-tory of Magic (Book 1)

Cath Greenstone, her cousin Bea, and her hippie aunt Astrid live in Wonder Falls, a small town near the mystical Niagara Falls. They run the Brew-Ha-Ha café, and naturally, they’re witches hiding in plain sight along with their three magical cats, Treacle, Peanut Butter, and Marshmallow.

When Brew-Ha-Ha's baker is burnt to a crisp, along with their beloved café, Aunt Astrid lets out a big family secret: a powerful spell book, a Greenstone heirloom from the Salem days, has been stolen from its secret hiding spot in the café. If it’s fallen into the wrong hands, black magic could destroy not only Wonder Falls but the world.

A secret society… A new detective with a shady past… A once-bullied local returning to town as a multimillionaire. 

Who in town could know Cath’s family secret? Cath, Bea, and Astrid must use their witch powers to uncover the deadly truth. Cath communicates with their cats, also magically inclined, and they help uncover more than one secret lurking in wonderful Wonder Falls.

Pawsitively Dead (Book 2)

When Cath visits her parents’ graves, she finds the dead body of the local hairstylist. What’s even stranger is that she also stumbles upon an older corpse, nearly a skeleton, of a woman who died in 1958. It has been exhumed from her grave, but who would do that?

While the police are stumped, Cath, Bea, and Aunt Astrid suspect sorcery… necromancy…

Cat-astrophic Spells (Book 3)

Treacle, Cath’s magical black cat, is missing. Meanwhile, in the mysterious town of Wonder Falls, a beloved chocolatier dies. The police deem the cause a heart attack, but Cath, Bea, and Aunt Astrid know something more sinister is at play. And whoever is out there has Treacle.


Starting with book #1, I found the story confusing in its attempt to explain magic – which I assumed was based on an incomplete understanding of multiverses/quantum physics. And the denouement and ‘big’ ending were a damp squid [pardon the pun as it was all about water].

I never finished book 1 completely and had no urge to read books #2 and #3.

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Books/book review/fiction/Romance

Stolen Goods

Crazy Cat Ladies: Hot Stuff Book Cover Crazy Cat Ladies: Hot Stuff
Abby Cheshire
romance, Animals
11 Oct 2016

After eight awful & all too memorable blind dates in a row, all Lily wants is to stay home with a good book & her five cats. But when her latest rescue cat Captain Kitt goes klepto & steals a set of keys that belong to the hunky fireman in the neighborhood - Lily may be closer to a perfect match than she ever imagined.

Cats that steal – yup – know these only too well. One of ours was into stealing steak from our neighbours or anything with a bone he could chew; and one of our daughter’s used to come home with spare gloves, kids’ toys, socks and other miscellaneous items and mysterious items.

Foxes are very good at this too. We regularly find stuff in our garden that has been brought in by them – from dirty babies’ nappies (yuk!), to toys to….especially balloons and plastic bags.

I think the shower incident is great – it’s one of those ‘what might be the most embarrassing thing that could happen to you?’

A tuxedo cat is what I would call a simple two colour black and white –  though I guess it does look like a tuxedo – a bit. It is not a breed though.tuxedo-cat

I am giving this a 4 for fun reading and we once had a Siamese cross moggy with the most silky black coat, she would go over our back fence to the local school and sit on the fence of the playground to watch our kids. And had the most unusual high pitched meow. She had a very long lean body and legs.

Now I’ve worked in education for over 20 years and I have to say that have been a very large number of late nights including having a timetable which meant teaching till 9pm, and loads of trips abroad! That’s how I have managed to visit so many different exotic locations including  India 3 times; Mexico; Canada 3 times; USA several times; China; Austria; Turkey;  and other European locations.

I looked up Kwanzaa as this was the second time I have had it mentioned in American books but never heard of it here in the UK. Which is not surprising as it turns out that it is a 45 year old secular festival observed by some Afro- Americans to celebrate their culture and traditional values. The traditional food includes okra, sweet potato biscuits, yassa chicken (from the Gambia) and ground nut stew.

These recipes come from the AllRecipe website and the words are theirs….

Spicy African Yam Soup

An unusual combination of simple ingredients that render a spicy, tasty soup that’s ready in less than 45 minutes!

Creole Black-Eyed Peas and Rice

An easy spicy dish made with rice and black-eyed peas. Adjust the spices to your needs – less Creole Seasoning if you like it mild, add chili powder or cayenne pepper for more kick!

Sweet Potato Pie I

For this lovely pie, sweet potatoes are boiled, peeled and mashed together with butter, sugar, milk and eggs, then seasoned with nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla.

Southern Ham and Brown Beans

This is the same recipe my mother’s side of the family has been making for years, with my own special touch. Serve it with all of the fixin’s. It goes great with cornbread, fried potatoes and fried cabbage.

African Peanut Soup

A surprisingly wonderful combination of tomatoes, onion, peanut butter, and brown rice that make for a wonderful, offbeat soup everyone will enjoy. Even better served with a dollop of sour cream on top of each bowl and some crusty bread for dipping. YUM!

Benne Wafers

Since I live in the South people refer to these cookies as Benne Wafers, they are actually Sesame Seed Cookies. Toasting benne (sesame) seeds develops their flavor and also gives these cookies a slightly crunchy texture.

Soul Smothered Chicken

You can’t just go to any restaurant and get smothered chicken like you would if you went down to the urban neighborhoods in Houston. This meal of browned chicken in a savory chicken gravy sauce is best when served over a bed of white rice.



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Books/book review/Fantasy/fiction/Romance/crime fiction

Talking Cats

Crazy Cat Ladies: Cat Scratch Fever Book Cover Crazy Cat Ladies: Cat Scratch Fever
L.C. Alleyne
paranormal, romance, crime
11 Oct 2016

Inspector Rafael Montigue detects the scent of a potential mate during a delegate meeting. Kristin Wallin is working undercover to bring down the Brazilian Minister’s drug ring. When terrorists attack, Rafe exposes his panther shifter identity in order to protect Kristin, but she surprises him with secrets of her own that make him look like an innocent kitty cat.


A shifter story – panther who is now a policeman and a political assassination attempt – falls for someone he meets there.

Here we also have a Norwegian forest cat – forestvery intelligent here – it can converse with a panther shifter. (And, yup, they are rather large cats…) I didn’t realise cat language was quite so universal – in fact I have read that it is very specific and that each domestic cat speaks a language it has developed to its human, that is different to every other cat.  This might be the case here?

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