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A Billionaire Scandal?

This is about 3 short novellas that are linked. Persuasion, Contract and Scandal.

There is a very spoiled Billionaire who has a very serious problem - that is fixed by a very 'ordinary' girl.

But the problems keep piling up and a serious scandal breaks. And the girl keeps fixing them. And the mother keeps control - of everything!

And all the time the 'ordinary' girl is trying to conceal her own serious problem from everyone as it would cause an even worse scandal!

PS there are 9 books to complete the series but they are all short.

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The Boots get the Blame


This is a novella prequel to the ‘Boots’ series.

It sets the scene effectively for the series and tells us why the issues were evident from when book 1 really begins.

It is a YA in the age of the protagonists but the interesting language and behaviours are such that we may not like our YA relatives and friends to read it! It is definitely aimed at the adults who are reading the series – and is told from both protagonists’ point of view – which explains a lot.

I received this free book in exchange for an honest review

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Books/book review/Romance

Just About


Here we have the multi-millionaire tired of gold-diggers meeting the single mother waitressing the graveyard shift at a diner – greasy spoon café.

So far so not very original.

Mis-understandings, mistakes and deliberate mis-directions ensue, all of which mean the traditional ups and downs of a romance not going smoothly.

Nicely written and starts well as they begin as friends but the last chapters are too conventional in this type of story and we knew what was going to happen. I therefore reduced my initial 3.5 to 3.

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