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Whilst I really like this series, I just wish that the books were longer.

As the series has developed the books have become shorter, and whilst I realise that they were originally (perhaps) and certainly now, aimed at a much younger audience, and the concept is that they don’t like to read long stories, I would take issue with that. After all, Harry Potter books are long. And 12 year olds and younger read them. So why assume the stories need to be short – and thus missing a great deal of possible character and storyline development.

And this is where I think this book lacks something.

The characters have been established, and the drawings are stunning so you can imagine the characters in their full glory – though I do think the costume on our heroine lacks a bit – of material – to protect her skin. Despite the dragon scales, it would  be nice for more leather on her legs surely?

But the end of the story seems a bit like -with one leap they were free’. As though Christine couldn’t think of what to say. Perhaps the series has run out of steam?  I shall read to the end of the series, just because, but I am not giving 5, nor even 4 for this series now, it is down to 3 and if I hadn’t been a loyal reader …

Sorry Christine. But I can give you a star for the artwork.  

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Eldorado here I come…

Go girl go – who needs Indiana Jones when you have Ellie? She can beat you to Eldorado any time! Yes, H. Rider Haggard we finally have a female heroine to match your males…

So yes, here we have an adventure story very much in the style of H. Rider Haggard and all the expected attributes of such a story: a villain who is manipulating behind the scenes; his merciless henchman ready to kill anyone who gets in his way; maps; and mysterious artefacts; codes; and explosions; and jungles and….

Wonderful nonsense and great fun reading. Will make a tremendous film.


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