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Grave Robbing and Other Hobbies Book Cover Grave Robbing and Other Hobbies
Grave Concerns #1)
Jayce Carter
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Reverse Harem, Romance
Publication date: April 20th 2021

Ghosts, corpses and four hot men—what’s a girl to do?

Abandoned at three—whose parents want a kid who sees ghosts?—I learned the world is quick to punish misfits. I try my best to be a normal, boring human, but the call of the supernatural just won’t be ignored.

When a stranger shows up on my doorstep in the middle of the night, it’s no sexy tryst. Instead, I’m off to the graveyard, digging up the corpse of a murder victim at the demand of the local vampire coven—and that small felony is just the start.

The spirit of the woman has gone missing—something that shouldn’t be possible—and everyone is looking to me for answers. There’s Kase, a vampire who’s both terrifying and secretive. Grant, a mage with a bad attitude and a lot of power. Troy, the possessive werewolf-detective next door and Hunter, a mysterious bad boy who isn’t even close to human.

It’s a race not just against time but against everything to figure out where the spirits are going, who’s behind it and if I can trust the men who now share my bed.

And all because of a little grave robbing…

Ghosts, corpses and four hot men—what’s a girl to do?⁣

⁣@jaycecarterauthor is back with a new PNR reverse harem series, and book 1 s out NOW! Get your copy of Grave Robbing and Other Hobbies today ➞⁣

Excerpt 1:

Hunter didn’t remove his hand from my mouth. It made me realize he was also entirely pressed against me, and despite it not being possible, he felt better than he’d looked. His skin was warm, even through my robe.

He took his hand off my mouth but didn’t move away. “Stay still,” he whispered against my ear.

“Why? Is it coming back?”

“No. I just really like looking down your robe.”

As soon as his words sank in, when I moved past the adrenaline and the purr of his voice, I realized that yes, my robe had bagged open and he had a perfect view down the front.

I elbowed him, but he didn’t seem to even feel it. He released me, though the way he did it implied my little move hadn’t meant a thing.

“I am so tired of people breaking into my house,” I said.

“You aren’t human, and you don’t have any wards. That’s the same as a ‘come on in’ sign in our world.”

“I am human.”

“Sure, shadow-girl.” He sent me a conspiratorial wink, as if we were on the joke together.

“No, I actually am. No funky teeth, no freaky eyes. Human.” I pointed at my face as though that drove the point home.

He waved at himself. “No funky teeth, no freaky eyes. Very much not human. Sure, though, if you want to pretend, I’m not one to turn down a bit of good roleplay. You want to be innocent Little Red Riding Hood? I’ll play the wolf.”

His suggestion derailed me. How could it not? Any girl who claimed she hadn’t had entirely inappropriate dreams about the wolf in that story was a damned liar. Once I’d reached a certain age, ‘all the better to eat you with’ had taken on a very different meaning.

I pictured a dark, heavily wooded forest as I ran, something on my heels, gaining ground. His warm breath on my neck when he caught me…

Suddenly I didn’t care what he’d said, why he was there or what exactly he meant by him ‘not being human’.

Until I recalled he’d broken in, and clearly him showing up at my office wasn’t a coincidence.

He snorted. “I liked where your mind was going before.”

“What are you doing here? And what was that thing?”

“Don’t we have better things to discuss? Or we can do away with talking all together.”

“I don’t sleep with people who might kill me, but thanks.”

“If someone might not kill you, are they even worth sleeping with in the first place?”

Excerpt 2:

I nodded, then handed the ice pack back to him. When he took it, he frowned at a red mark that remained on the white pack.

“Sorry.” I turned my hand over, the one Grant had cut, to find that sure enough, I’d managed to tear open the scab.

“What happened?”

“Grant needed my blood for the wards.”

He frowned, as though he disliked the idea. “He could have done less damage.”

“That’s what I said, but he said it was about the sacrifice of the action.”

Kase lifted his thumb to his mouth and pressed it against the tip of his fang. He didn’t grimace, didn’t show any reaction to the wound.

Blood welled at the top, a red so dark it was almost purple.

Which sent me bolting. I jumped to my feet, wanting that blood nowhere near me.

Kase didn’t grab me—and I knew damn well he could have, because vampires were terrifyingly fast—but he stared. “Really?”

“I may not always love my life, but I do love being alive. No thanks to that.” I waved at his thumb.

“How can you be so ignorant of our world? You can’t be turned into a vampire from a little blood.”

“That sounds like men who say a girl can’t get knocked up because it’s just the tip.”

“I am sterile, so that isn’t an issue I deal with.” Kase spoke with such flatness of his voice, I almost missed that he’d made a joke, even more so because he so quickly moved on from it. “To be changed from mortal, a person has to die. My blood will help to heal you, but it won’t change you since I, again, don’t plan on killing you.”

I pressed my lips together, then responded slowly. “You know, I normally don’t spend so much time around people who have to keep telling me they don’t plan on killing me.”

“Would you rather I not tell you that?”

“I’d rather you not need to tell me that.”

Jayce Carter lives in Southern California with her husband and two spawns. She originally wanted to take over the world but realized that would require wearing pants. This led her to choosing writing, a completely pants-free occupation. She has a fear of heights yet rock climbs for fun and enjoys making up excuses for not going out and socializing.

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The Aliens are here

Passion Awakened
#1 The Hush
Katherine Diane
Paranormal Demons & Devils Romance, Paranormal Vampire Romance, Fantasy Romance
Independently published
(4 May 2020)

A vampire warrior. A shrink. This could get uncomfortable.Kyr, leader of the Vampire Defense Agency’s elite ground team, doesn’t have a choice in the matter. Either he participates in this bullshit psych eval, or his team gets suspended.But this isn’t about Kyr’s mental health. This is an investigation. Because the director wants to know why the Hush hasn’t been joining the company singalong lately. The reason? A traitor at the VDA is betraying vampire females into the hands of a demon lord.Yeah. Kyr doesn’t trust anyone, not even—especially not—the gorgeous agent assigned to evaluate him. The only thing more difficult than dodging her questions?Denying the intense (and inconvenient) attraction sizzling between them…

So, this a vampire novel, but vampires are actually aliens. We discover that they travelled to earth – through a portal – around 2 thousand years ago from their planet, which had been made uninhabitable by the war against demons.

Now, headed up by their Queen, they were well settled but hidden in the human population. Still at war with demons however, who had followed them to earth and still popped up through portals. They also still popped up on their original planet and certain trained agents were sent there to eradicate them. Which was not a nice gig.

When a human mated with a vampire, the vampire side sometimes didn’t come out and they remained human. However, when it did, they became vampires and needed to be carefully looked after until they were adjusted to their new life.

So that’s the background to this story.

The actual story was a vampire romance with the usual issues for a romance – with a cliff hanger.

There were still a few typographical and grammatical errors in the ARC but not bad enough to spoil the writing.

It was a competent book but not exciting unless this genre is really your ‘thing’.

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The Light Sword: Author Interview

Baculum Book Cover Baculum
(Angelbound Lincoln #4)
by Christina Bauer
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Published by: Monster House Books
Publication date: January 26th 2021


Watch Lincoln battle Norse monsters in the Viking Games! As King of the Thrax, Lincoln leads the most powerful demon fighting force in the after-realms… yet he cherishes nothing more than his Angelbound love, Myla. Which is why the king loses his freaking mind when the sinister Ringmaster Kell targets his pregnant wife. So. Not. Happening. Ringmaster Kell runs the infamous Viking Games, a series of battles where participants take on the identity of a Norse monster and fight to the death. Sounds good to Lincoln. The king sets aside his crown and enters the arena with one goal only: destroy Ringmaster Kell. Sometimes, a warrior just needs to ignite his baculum sword and kick a ton of evil ass. But is Lincoln protecting Myla or walking into a trap? Perfect for readers who love Vikings, Norse mythology, hot princes and cool heroines. ANGELBOUND LINCOLN Stories from the perspective of Mister The Prince 1. Duty Bound 2. Lincoln 3. Trickster 4. Baculum 5. Angelfire 6. Rixa

BLOG – Angelbound BACULUM

By Christina Bauer

“Why I chose this particular topic to write about”

As part of the launch for my latest book, BACULUM, the lovely folks at The Bouncing Tigger Reads have asked that I share something about why I chose this particular topic to write about. In the case of BACULUM, I consider the story to focus on the ongoing adventures, love and growth that comes with being in a long-term relationship.

Bear with me. I swear, this will make sense.

For me, it all starts with the Asian story of Rama, which I first studied in college. In the West, most fables end with ‘they were married and lived happily ever after.’ Not the case here. The Ramayana basically begins with ‘Rama and Sita were married, and so started their adventure.’

When I first read this, I was stunned. It never occurred to me that marriage would be the beginning of an epic myth. Western fables focus on courting and falling in love… so what are we missing out on here?

That revelation started a lifelong obsession that basically says, hey, where the fuck are all the stories that start with two people getting together? Over the years, the result has been the many Lincoln-Myla books. In BACULUM, I try to explore what happens when you’re expecting a baby (or any big change, really). There’s a lot of not wanting to repeat mistakes. And since I’m writing this book, there’s also a villain who’s custom-built to push every worry-button in your brain!

If you’re following the Lincoln series, here are the other couple-topics I’ve tried to explore:

Book 1 – DUTY BOUND. This was an introduction to Lincoln
Book 2 – LINCOLN. This was the romance arc. My life would be a lot easier if I was happy just writing this arc over and over!

Book 3 – TRICKSTER. Lincoln learns how to balance being a badass guy with supporting his kick-ass wife.
Book 4 – BACULUM. What happens when your life gets turned upside down?

So there you have it: the story that launched a thousand ideas for Lincoln and Myla! I hope to see you at a future launch. You never know what our favorite couple will be doing!




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Christina Bauer thinks that fantasy books are like bacon: they just make life better. All of which is why she writes romance novels that feature demons, dragons, wizards, witches, elves, elementals, and a bunch of random stuff that she brainstorms while riding the Boston T. Oh, and she includes lots of humor and kick-ass chicks, too. Christina lives in Newton, MA with her husband, son, and semi-insane golden retriever, Ruby. She loves to connect with her fans at

Stalk Christina On Social Media – She Loves It!

Twitter: @CB_Bauer
Web site:

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When you love your enemy: Book Blitz

Enemies To Lovers: Book Cover Enemies To Lovers:
Series Starters Set
by Brittni Chenelle
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, New Adult, Paranormal, Young Adult
Publication date: January 22nd 2021

Their most dreaded rivals might be their greatest need. But with peril dogging their every encounter, will they give into dangerous desires?

Box set: 750+ pages of angsty enemies-to-lovers adventures with daring heroines and their foes destined to become forever partners.

Princess Charlotte’s whole world changed one morning over breakfast. With her mother announcing a rushed arranged marriage to a humorless prince, she’ll do anything to stop the wedding – including shooting him with an arrow. But after the kingdom is invaded and a sinister plot to capture her discovered, can she convince her unwanted suitor to help keep her out of enemy hands?

Reina Bennet won’t stop believing that she’ll eventually get her abilities. But when her childhood champion grows up into a smug superpowered bully, her escalating rivalry with her ex-friend gets them both kicked out of school. And after he ends up in a rebel group at their new academy, can she put aside her grudges for a chance at a fresh beginning?

Princess Sinna of the Shadow Court fears her fated mate means certain death. So when a magical ceremony reveals him as the powerful vampire king, she’s eager to prove she can be a worthy Hunter by killing him. But can she stop herself from falling hard as she tries to seduce him into a fatal embrace?

Enemies To Lovers: Series Starters Set is a kickass collection that includes the YA fantasy Kingdom Cold, the new adult fantasy The Fae & The Fallen, and the adult paranormal romance Chaste Blood. If you like strong women, diverse characters, and emotionally-charged conflicts, then you’ll adore Brittni Chenelle’s bestselling sensations.

Their most dreaded rivals might be their greatest need. But with peril dogging their every encounter, will they give into dangerous desires? ⁣

⁣If you like strong women, diverse characters, and emotionally-charged conflicts, then you’ll adore Brittni Chenelle’s bestselling sensations. ⁣

⁣Enemies To Lovers is a kickass collection that includes the YA fantasy Kingdom Cold, the new adult fantasy The Fae & The Fallen, and the adult paranormal romance Chaste Blood. 

750+ pages of angsty enemies-to-lovers adventures with daring heroines and their foes destined to become forever partners.

AUTHOR BIO: Brittni Chenelle is a USA Today Bestselling Multicultural Fantasy Author who specializes in multi-POV romances. She loves to explore the blurred lines between good and evil and believes wholeheartedly in a great story’s ability to bring people together.

When she’s not writing, she can be found at her home in South Korea where she spends far too much time consuming coffee, dark chocolate, and videos of animals doing human things.

Author links:

Get your copy of Enemies To Lovers by @brittnichenelle today ➞

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Mack is here…

Mack Book Cover Mack
(Angelbound Offspring, #6)
Christina Bauer
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Publication date: December 15th 2020

Dragons. Vampires. And the hidden city of El Dorado.

Threats abound and secrets are revealed in this exciting conclusion to the story of Kaps and Mack!

The Angelbound Offspring Series
1. Maxon
2. Portia
3. Zinnia
4. Rhodes
5. Kaps
6. Mack
7. Huntress


So this is freaky.

I may be asleep, but that doesn’t mean I’m getting any rest. In my dreams, I chase vampires through a darkened forest while frogs croak out the song, Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting.

Like I said, weird.

Ignoring all the strangeness, I focus on catching some vampires. Yet no matter how hard I try, I never get close enough to take one down.

Talk about frustrating.

A new voice echoes through the night. “Mack.”

Unlike the amphibian singers, this speaker sounds pretty real. Wouldn’t be the first time someone had to wake me up before dawn.

Little by little, I force my eyes to open. I’m so out of it, I half expect vampires to leap through the stone walls of my medieval-style bedroom. Instead I find my best friend, Ndidi, standing beside my cot. Moonlight accents his brown eyes, strong cheekbones and ebony skin. He has a scowl on his face and a toilet brush gripped tightly in his fist.

Wait, a toilet WHAT?

Blinking hard, I try focusing my bleary mind. Once my head feels clear, I shoot another glance in Ndidi’s direction.

That’s a toilet brush, all right.

“Are you awake, my Liege?” he asks.

Ndidi and I have been buddies since we were six years old. He hates waking me up, which is why he’s throwing around this Liege stuff.

“Call me Mack,” I counter. 

“Fine.” Ndidi leans in closer. “You look like Hell, Mack.”

I chuckle. “That’s more like it.”

Excerpt 2

Midnight is here.

At last.

I stand outside the Zoetic Fortress with a smile on my face and an umbrella in my hand. Unlike Doc Langstrom’s toilet brush, this item is a true magic wand.

Why the enchanted umbrella? Midnight is almost here and with it, Kaps. Once my girlfriend arrives, we’ll hone our vampire hunting skills with the magical battle simulations loaded inside this very umbrella. Fun times.

Stepping in a slow circle, I inspect the landscape. Where should I wave this thing?

There’s no lack of places to cast, that’s for certain. The full moon shows off every detail of the Fortress grounds. Essentially the place is a series of mini-castles that encircle a central lawn.

Nodding once, I make my decision. Best to wave my umbrella-wand right in the middle of the open green.

Turning, I march toward the lawn’s center. Suddenly, a black shape passes over the moon. Pausing, I scan the dark streak more closely. To regular humans, that’s an ordinary shadow. But I’ve a bit of demonic DNA in my background. Which means I can look past magical glamours.

To me, it’s a dragon.

My grin widens. That’s not just any dragon, either. It’s Kaps. The woman I love. Based on her speed, she’ll land any second.


A great black shape blots out the moon entirely. Massive dark wings send a gust of wind in my direction. Heat radiates from her dragon’s body as she lands only a few yards away. For a moment, I can soak in the glory of her form. Dark scales. Eyes that glow red. A line of scarlet spikes that run down her back and tail.

A shimmer of red light surrounds her body. For one more moment, the massive dragon looms tall. Then it’s replaced by the human version of Kaps. My woman is no less impressive this way, what with her dark hair, amber eyes and whip-fast tail. She wears leather pants, hefty boots and a halter top.

Damn, I’ve missed her.




Christina Bauer knows how to tell stories about kick-ass women. In her best selling Angelbound series, the heroine is a part-demon girl who loves to fight in Purgatory’s Arena and falls in love with a part-angel prince. This young adult best seller has driven more than 500,000 ebook downloads and 9,000 reviews on Goodreads and retailers. The first three books in the series are now available as audiobooks on Audible and iTunes.

Bauer has also told the story of the Women’s March on Washington by leading PR efforts for the Massachusetts Chapter. Her pre-event press release—the only one sent out on a major wire service—resulted in more than 19,000 global impressions and redistribution by over 350 different media entities including the Associated Press. 

Christina graduated from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School with BA’s in English along with Television, Radio, and Film Production. She lives in Newton, MA with her husband, son, and semi-insane golden retriever, Ruby.

Stalk Christina On Social Media – She Loves It!
Twitter: @CB_Bauer
Web site:

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