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Enter Sherrif Kenni and a ghost

So Kenni takes over her grandfather’s post as Sherrif in a ‘podunk’ town – Cottonwood, in Kentucky, after completing her law enforcement training and his death.

All is quiet for 2 years until Doc Walton is murdered.  There are just 2 doctors in town so the loss of one, one that has been around for many many years, is keenly felt.  Also keenly felt is the loss of a Deputy Sherrif and only the Gaoler to help out. Kenni calls in help from the State Reserve Office and Finn Vincent comes on the scene to assist.

And then there is a robbery in the jewellery store and maybe, just maybe a ghost.

A fun book, not too serious in details but lost of gossip flying around the various characters and their ‘clubs’.

I did find out a few things about eating in Kentucky.

There is something called a Chess Bar – which turns out to be made from yellow cake mix (I checked and this is likely to be a Victoria Sponge to us Brits), with a pecan crust and topped with a cream cheese filing. The recipes I looked up all used packaged ingredients!

And then there is the Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich. This appears to be a variant of our Welsh Rarebit. An open faced sandwich with turkey and bacon covered with a mornay sauce – or grated cheese - and baked until crisp and brown.

And finally, it seems some people still play Euchre – which is a card game that was popular in the 18th and 19th century.

I received this free book in exchange for an honest review

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