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The Mortal World Book Cover The Mortal World
The Invisible Library #5
Genevieve Cogman
Fiction, Alternate History, Sword and Sorcery, Fantasy, Female Sleuth
November 27, 2018

A corrupt countess. A spy in danger. And an assassin at large. The fifth title in Genevieve Cogman's witty and wonderful Invisible Library series, The Mortal Word is a sparkling bookish adventure. Peace talks are always tricky . . . especially when a key diplomat gets stabbed. This murder rudely interrupts a top-secret summit between the warring dragons and Fae, so Librarian-spy Irene is summoned to investigate. In a version of 1890s Paris, Irene and her detective friend Vale must track down the killer - before either the peace negotiations or the city go up in flames. Accusations fly thick and fast. Irene soon finds herself in the seedy depths of the Parisian underworld on the trail of a notoriously warlike Fae, the Blood Countess. However, the evidence against the Countess is circumstantial. Could the assassin - or assassins - be closer than anyone suspects?

Just when you think you know who did what and why, the author throws in another twist and off we go again.

Irene manages to logically deduce all from the minutest of inklings and fails to get herself killed, several times, by the skin of her teeth – usually as she uses them to help her pronounce The Language.

This universe and world building gets ever more complicated in its political scheming and skulduggery, and fast pace action follows.

A very satisfying read with much philosophy about truth and reality to contemplate and ponder.

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Taken for an unusual reason

The Taken Girls Book Cover The Taken Girls
GD Sanders
Thrillers, Crime, British Detective, Police Procedural
Avon; Digital original edition
(21 Feb. 2019)

Someone is watching them…

When a missing teenage girl reappears unharmed but pregnant, the case falls to DI Edina Ogborne, the newest recruit of Canterbury Police. But Ed’s already got her hands full with a team who don’t want her, an ex who won’t quit, and terrible guilt over a secret from her past.

As Ed investigates the case, she discovers Canterbury has seen this crime not once, but several times before. And when Ed and her detectives encounter missing historic police files, falsified school records, and Ed’s new lover as a prime suspect, it becomes clear that the system has been corrupted.

Can Ed find the kidnapper behind these depraved crimes before he strikes again? Or has time already run out?

This is a solid police procedural with the frustrations of modern policing and the requirements for solid evidence well portrayed. Not to mention the fact that the senior officers want good press coverage even when what you have is more speculative than fact and contradicts the above …
I found this new DI (a debut novel) to be a believable character – and fallible too, and was intrigued by the perpetrator and motives.
This is a series I think that will develop well and I look forward to reading more.

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How Deadly is Chocolate?

Death by Chocolate Book Cover Death by Chocolate
bk 1 of 7
Sally Berneathy
female sleuths, murder, mystery, cooking
Sally Berneathy
(1 Aug. 2013)

Maybe it isn’t the chocolate itself, but the chocolatier? Or actually it may be the amount of chocolate you eat – especially if all you drink is full sugared coke!

I realise that this is all in the cause of humour, but I did think that the amount of chocolate eaten and drunk with full sugared coke was a recipe for disaster – fat and diabetes and heart attacks, not to mention cavities! And giving babies/toddlers full fruit juice is also bad for their baby teeth! Not to mention giving them a taste for sweet things to drink. They should drink water and milk until over 1 at the very least.

And then there is the love of speed – and fast driving. Interesting though that having speeding tickets doesn’t disqualify you from driving unlike in the UK where the minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and 3 penalty points added to your licence. You can be disqualified from driving if you build up 12 or more penalty points within a period of 3 years 

All the above taken into account, I enjoyed the 7 books in this series – I read them in a book set, one after the other, which at the moment is my default setting on series it seems!

I loved Fred. He is clearly ex-spy/FBI or private assassin – for the Mob? An on-going mystery which made for a great background character.

It is clear that this is the murder capital of the US – rather like MidSummer’s Murder Mysteries villages. Pity Kansas City stats on crime…

I loved the humour, light writing style and Lindsay as a character and will not try out any recipes as offered in the books, but if you fancy some chocolate cakes I thought the ingredients would be novel and tasty. And as for her cat – King Henry -please, a psychic cat who knows to hate her weasel of an ex… absolute joy.

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Just who is the detective nasty with now?

Savage Echoes

Nickie Savage

R T Wolfe

Crime, Thriller & Mystery, Police procedurals, women sleuths

ePublishing Works!

(9 Jan. 2014)


Lending her expertise to help the FBI bring down a child trafficking ring, Detective Nickie Savage discovers that the men they're tracking are the same ones who abducted her as a young teen.
Risking her badge, Nickie goes rogue with surveillance expert Duncan Reed. But the closer they get to the King Pin, the closer she and Duncan become with each other.
Now Nickie must choose: break her own rules and risk her heart, or forge ahead...alone.

I enjoyed these books – yes, I’ve read them all. Nickie Savage is believable and her back story is sufficiently told for you to understand her motives. Though how she manages now I am really not sure… Her family sound horrible!

I found the writing to be fairly addictive and well enough written that I didn’t get tired of reading through the series. The style is fluid and has enough humour and romance to counteract the serious nature of the story-line. not LOL but you can grin occasionally…




Savage Echoes
Savage Deception
Savage Rendezvous
Savage Disclosure
Savage Betrayal
Savage Alliance

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Don’t go to Florida….

Lake Morality Book Cover

Lake Morality

The Forgotten Coast Florida Suspense Series Book #8

Dawn Lee McKenna

Florida, crime, suspense,

Sweet Tea Press

January 28, 2018


People get up to all kinds of mischief out at Lake Morality.When Kristen Morgan abandoned her baby girl in a locked car, Lt. Maggie Redmond was angry. Though the baby was uninjured, things could have been much worse.When the mother¿s body is found two days later, in a lake far outside town on the road to the county prison, Maggie suddenly has more than child endangerment or a missing person on her hands.Kristen Morgan¿s family and doctor say that she was depressed and possibly not taking her medication, and that she¿d talked about suicide in the past, but Maggie and her fiancé, former Sheriff Wyatt Hamilton, aren¿t convinced.When evidence of homicide surfaces, Maggie must discover who wanted a young mother dead, and why.The greatly-anticipated 8th book in the Forgotten Coast Florida Suspense series has plenty of page-turning action and suspense, along with its trademark coastal atmosphere, rich characterization and dry humor.

There are now 8 books in this series and Lake Morality is the latest.

I’m reviewing ALL 8, as I read them one after the other as I found the location really foreign and yet based in the USA, to me as a UK person, and very interesting to learn about.

The location is the Florida Panhandle, aka The Forgotten Coast. Home to locals who traditionally fished shrimp and oysters from small villages, and whose livelihood has been largely ruined by the various oil spills in this area of the coast. It sounds as unpleasant to live there as I have found the rest of Florida to be – very hot and humid most of the year, and lots of bitey insects! (I stopped counting after my bites got in the 3 figures after a week)

They are not necessarily what you might call full length as novels, but not short enough to be novellas. Long enough to develop a good story-line and come to a conclusion.

Nicely written. Gentle without being cosy but not full-on noir either.

I found the descriptions vivid and the conversations chimed with reality and the devastation of the local economy is clear but without sentimentality.

The amount of sweet tea they drink though, must surely rot their teeth!


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