Fairy Children

Little Darlings Book Cover Little Darlings
by Melanie Golding
General Fiction (Adult)
Pub Date 2 May 2019

THE TWINS ARE CRYING. THE TWINS ARE HUNGRY. LAUREN IS CRYING. LAUREN IS EXHAUSTED. Behind the hospital curtain, someone is waiting . . . A terrifying encounter in the middle of the night leaves Lauren convinced someone is trying to steal her new-born twins. Desperate with fear, she locks herself and her sons in the bathroom until the police arrive. When DS Joanna Harper picks up the list of reported overnight incidents, she expects the usual calls from drunks and wrong numbers. But then a report of an attempted abduction catches her eye. The only thing is that it was flagged as a false alarm just fifteen minutes later. But Harper chooses to investigate anyway. There's nothing on the CCTV, and yet Lauren claims that the woman is still after her children. No one will listen to Lauren – except Harper. And now Harper must ask herself, is Lauren mad, or does she see something no one else can?

The Changelings- My title for this book 
This book taps into the oft repeated stories about fairy changelings. Where the fairies steal a human child & replace them with one of their own. 
Although why the fairies should do this is never explained.
The first time I tried to read this book I found the initial chapters so creepy, I put the book away. This time, I read on.
The story is still creepy but I got hooked. 
I actually lived in Sheffield in 1976, and well remember how dry it was, and now the Rivelin Dams' waters shrunk. I remember The fascination of seeing the drowned villages re-appear and how creepy they looked draped in water weed and crumbling.
This story leaves you with the distinct impression, that there is more to our world than the rational eye can see. Again with the ghost stor.
was the mother suffering from post-partum paranoia? Or was there more?

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No friend of his

Imaginary Friend Book Cover Imaginary Friend
Stephen Chbosky
horror, fantasy, fiction, adult
Orion Publishing Group
Pub Date 01 Oct 2019

Leaving your house in the middle of the night.
Knowing your mother is doing her best, but she's just as scared as you.

Starting a new school, making friends.
Seeing how happy it makes your mother.
Hearing a voice, calling out to you.

Following the signs, into the woods.
Going missing for six days.
Remembering nothing about what happened.

Something that will change everything...
And having to save everyone you love.

I don’t read Horror stories much – my imagination is too wild – and I get nightmares, but this one I couldn’t put down.

And what this is really, is the battle between Good and Evil – as is common in fantasy novels, with a child/ren at the core of it. But who is really the Good? And who really the Bad? That is the stark choice that the children have to make – at an age when their brains are still very malleable and have yet got to the age of knowledge.

I found myself cheering for the boys and their defence of having a tree house – but what it did to the boys’ brains was spooky and eerie. And then there was the ‘luck’ or payment perhaps and..

I liked the style of the author and found it easy to read, clear and whilst not a short book, the story didn’t get boring. An amount of editing out of some of the scenes might of helped, but still excellent in its genre.

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Three go drinking

Cocktails for Three Book Cover

Cocktails for Three

Madeleine Wickham, Sophie Kinsella,


Black Swan/Carousel/Corgi

January 1, 2010


Three great friends meet for cocktails and gossip once a month. One night a conversation with the cocktail waitress sets in train an extraordinary chain of events which will affect all three women's lives.

An early Sophie Kinsella novel written under a pseudonym. And unfortunately, in my opinion, she hadn’t yet fully developed her craft.

I got bored and stopped reading about 1/3 of the way through. I just didn’t feel the suspense and although I could sense that things were going to go downhill with Heather I just wasn’t bothered enough about the characters to read more.

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The Mountains are Heaven?

Mountain Angel Book Cover

Mountain Angel

Northstar Angels #1

Suzie O'Connell

Fiction, suspense, thriller, psychological

November 1, 2014


Aelissm Davis figured she would eventually return home to Northstar, Montana, but not like this-desperate for the tranquility of the secluded valley and plagued by memories of her dead boyfriend and the advances of an obsessive former friend. Just when she begins to relax, a call from her old friend makes it clear he wasn't deterred, and she calls her overprotective uncle for advice. Things become even more tangled when he sends Patrick O'Neil "on vacation" to keep an eye on her. Aelissm is pretty sure her uncle is playing matchmaker again, but despite her annoyance, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Pat. He is a haunted man with a kind smile and sad eyes, and he may just be the best thing to ever happen to her... if she can convince him to stay.

I thought that, despite the billing, this novel lacked suspense.

I also thought that some of the characters’ way of living was frankly, unbelievable.

  1. Who builds and lives in a cabin with a roof and walls of corrugated iron in Colorado? I appreciate it is a cheap building material but it really loses a lot of heat and also acts as a heat sink when it is hot. One way of torturing someone is to leave them in the sun in an iron box.

And the winters are very fierce –

More than 300 inches of snow at the mountain resorts

An average of 16.5 inches of precipitation (8 at lower elevations and 23 at higher elevations)

33 percent average humidity

First snow usually arrives in September (though it usually snows somewhere in the state every month, except maybe August) so at least 8 months of the year can be considered winter (See the Official Guide to Colorado).

2. live in a trailer in the mountains. ie another form of iron box but have a greenhouse! Just imagine the amount of heating that would require…

3. Use only a wood burner for heating. Now I imagine that not everywhere has electricity but to use a wood burner you need wood – so you fell trees – again(!). And  unless you replant 2 or 3 for everyone you fell – and manage the area and .. well we all know what happens when areas are de-forested.

So apart from that did i find the angels of the title? Not really. The story was light and not well developed. It lacked depth of characterisation and reality.

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It’s all wrong

Everything you Do is Wrong Book Cover

Everything you Do is Wrong

Amanda Coe

Fiction, Literary fiction, contemporary,


October 2017

Do You Know This Girl?

Harmony's teenage craving for drama is answered when a body is discovered by her aunt Mel on Evensand beach. But the naked, lifeless young woman turns out - problematically - to be alive. Unable to speak or remember where she came from, the woman is named Storm by her nurses.

Surrounded by doctors, psychiatrists and policemen, Storm remains provocatively silent. Harmony is desperate to fill in the gaps in Storm's story, while the responsibility Mel feels for the woman she rescued begins to skew the course of her own settled life. Their efforts to solve the mystery clash with the efforts of rookie constable Mason, assigned to the case and determined to help this damsel he feels to be very much in distress.

Will any of them be able to find out who Storm really is? And what if the distress belongs to everyone but her?

Everything You Do Is Wrong is a compelling exploration of how this enigma sets a family's good and bad intentions crashing into each other, with unforgettable consequences.

Harmony is the central character in this story which is centred around her experiences as she grows up. But there is a second story line that intersects – about a naked girl that is rescued from the sea by Harmony’s aunt and how Harmony’s family react to this action.

Harmony has had an unorthodox upbringing with a somewhat ‘hippie’ mother who does not believe in bras for young girls and has largely home schooled her. But when the story opens, Harmony’s mother is gone and she is left in the care of her mother’s boyfriend – who does not think of her as his daughter and mostly ignores her and forgets to buy food for her etc.

Mel, the aunt who rescues the girl from the sea, tries to look after Harmony, but has her hands full with 3 boys and several part-time jobs/charitable enterprises.

Each person in the family connects to other characters, so Mel’s oldest son dates the rescued girl’s  – who is mute and appears to have lost her memory – psychiatric social worker.

The story moves slowly, full of the minutiae of Harmony’s life, and the everyday occurrences of the family, the characters are slowly painted in until they become vivid in their totality. And the girl found on the beach is the central pivot around which the rest of the characters and the story revolves.

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