We are what? Book Blitz

We are what? Book Blitz

I never really thought I’d be that person—the one who switches school after a year because they’ve changed their whole career path. It’s not as if the change is because some big scandal went down. There was no sordid affair with a teacher, no cheating on a test, not even the slightest hint of any wrongdoing. The plain fact is, I quickly discovered the major I was studying was not for me. It took a while for realization to set in. I thought my plans were set in stone since ninth grade. Graduate from college with a summa cum laude, become a successful defense attorney defending high-profile cases in the state, get married and have kids. Now my direction has changed, and a high-flying defense attorney has been replaced with a nutritionist and dietician.
There is another reason for this change; one I haven’t admitted to anyone. I feel like I’m stuck. I’m floating around in no man’s land with a future I’m not sure I want anymore. The trouble with having a life plan from an early age is the risk of growing out of it. It seemed like a good idea when I was fifteen and obsessed with crime dramas. It’s only when you start hitting the books and going to lecture upon lecture you realize it’s not as glamorous as it seems. I quickly discovered the legal profession is not for me.
So here I am, leaving my hometown of Silver Lake and moving three hours south, where I’ll attend the University of Northport for the next three years. The Health Sciences department at Northport is one of the best in our state, which is the reason I’m transferring there. My career choice may have changed, but my ambitions for graduating summa cum laude remain the same. It helps that my older brother, Jude, goes there. Thankfully, I get to share a house with him and some of his teammates. Jude is on Northport’s ice hockey team, and if he wanted to, he could easily be drafted to the NHL. At the moment, though, he’s set on graduating and “conquering the world,” his words, not mine.


Stages? Book Blitz

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The two of us being roommates was bad news. We’re either going to kill each other or I’m gonna give her the best kiss of her life. I’m not sure which is worse.⁣

The Philadelphia Bulldogs hockey team are back, in this all new-standalone novel. Books can be enjoyed in any order. If you love a steamy enemies to lovers romance, this one is for you.

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“So, when can you start?”

I stared at the blonde woman in front of me in disbelief. I thought the interview was going well but not that well.

“Whenever you need me,” I said with a smile.

When I saw the posting for the sales manager position with the Philadelphia Bulldogs, I applied on a whim. I never thought they would call me back or offer it to me on the spot. I needed to get out of St. Catharines and would have taken any job. Literally any job if it meant working for an NHL team. Even if it meant leaving Canada.

Quinn smiled at me. “I’m gonna be honest: I need the position filled ASAP. Can you start tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow?” I choked out.

“Do you need to give notice to your current employer?”

I shook my head.

After my messy break-up, I had been so gutted that I ended up quitting my job. Not the best plan when your ex-girlfriend kicked you out after you caught her cheating on you. Jobless and technically homeless, I had nothing holding me back from moving to a different country.

Quinn flipped through the paperwork on her desk. “Shit, you’re Canadian, right?”

“Oh, I don’t have to wait for a visa. I have dual citizenship.”

“Oh, perfect, because I’d rather not wait. We’re not in the playoffs again this year, but there’s a lot of prep work for next season.”

I stared at the Bulldogs’ calendar on the wall behind Quinn, and dread spread through me. This month’s photo depicted right-winger Tristan “TJ” Desjardins lobbing the puck into the back of the net. Kinda weird to be staring into the face of your twin brother during a job interview. Although, it might have explained why I applied for the job to begin with.

“There’s something I should tell you first,” I admitted, and I pointed to the calendar behind her. “That’s my brother.”

She stared at the photo of my brother on her wall and then looked at me curiously for a second. “Huh. Now that you mention it, I can see the resemblance.”

“We’re twins. Is that gonna be a conflict of interest?”

She tipped back her head and laughed.

I raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“Sorry. The GM’s my husband, so it’s funny you asked that. As long as we keep things professional, I don’t foresee it being an issue.”

A lot of NHL teams had fraternization policies, so it was interesting that the Bulldogs didn’t have one. The OHL team I worked for back home in Canada had a strict policy. Not that it ever mattered to me. I hadn’t been single. Or into douchey hockey players who reminded me too much of my brother.

“Can you start tomorrow?” she asked again.



She went over the information I needed for tomorrow and then walked me out of the office. She shook my hand in the hall. “I can’t wait for you to get started.”

“You don’t even have to wait a full twenty-four hours,” I said with a grin.

She waved goodbye to me, and then I walked outside. Once there, I finally took a breath.

Holy shit. I got a job with an actual NHL team!

Excerpt #2

Noah screwed the last leg of the bed together, and we hefted my memory foam mattress on top of the frame. Thank the hockey gods most of my teammates were like me — over six feet tall and strong. I could have put this together myself, but Noah was good with his hands and too nice to say no when you asked him for help.

Noah wiped his hands on his jeans. “That should do it, eh?”

I nodded and wiped the sweat off my forehead. Moving freaking sucked. “Thanks. I would have asked T for help, but he ran out of here in a huff a few minutes ago.”

At twenty-five, I shouldn’t have been happy about having a roommate. But when my long-term girlfriend and I broke up, I needed a place to stay, and TJ had come in clutch. His old roommate, Noah, had moved in with his girlfriend, so TJ offered me his vacant room. After our season ended without a playoff run a couple of weeks ago, I high-tailed it back to Boston to visit my abuelos, but I came back today to move my stuff in. Mostly because my ex wanted me to get my stuff out of her house.

“Um…” Noah trailed off.

I raised an eyebrow at the pained look on his face. He rubbed the back of his neck. I spent a lot of time with the guy; I knew that was one of his nervous ticks. You don’t spend a lot of time on someone’s wing without learning a lot about them.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“You don’t know?” he asked and cringed.

“Know what?”

Noah didn’t have time to explain what I didn’t know because I heard the front door of the condo open and TJ’s hyena laughter. Then I heard a familiar feminine voice with him, and I froze.

No. For the love of God, no.

I glared at Noah. “What is she doing here?”

Noah cringed. “I thought T told you since he texted me to come over here to distract you.”

“That’s why you came over to see if I needed help?” I asked.

I thought Noah was just being nice. The dude was a legit Canadian stereotype; I never thought he had an ulterior motive.

He ran a pale hand through his newly grown-out beard.

“Noah,” I growled.

“Rox is moving here.”

I felt all the blood rush to my head. I hoped he meant Philly and not here as in this condo.

Here’s the thing. I never planned on having a feud with Roxanne Desjardins. When I first met her, my brain shut off at the sight of the curvy, statuesque woman. Instead of saying, “Hello,” like a normal person, I blurted out, “Are those things real?” while staring at her tits.

I malfunctioned when I saw a beautiful woman, and she was one of the hottest women I had ever seen. Too bad she hated my guts.


Danica Flynn is a marketer by day, and a writer by nights and weekends. AKA she doesn’t sleep! She is a rabid hockey fan of both The Philadelphia Flyers and the Metropolitan Riveters. When not writing, she can be found hanging with her partner, playing video games, and reading a ton of books.

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iBooks: https://books.apple.com/us/book/against-the-boards/id1586810826

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/ebook/against-the-boards-4

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Against_The_Boards?id=-2JUEAAAQBAJ&hl=en_US&gl=US

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Who do you Love?

I love all the Pippa Grant novels. She comes up with great punning titles for her books see list – and also the characters are larger than life with some really outrageous kinks, peculiarities and behaviours. Latest book – I Pucking Love You.

[I Pucking Love You is a hilariously wrong romantic comedy about the world’s worst matchmaker, a hockey player with a problem he doesn’t want to talk about, and an awkward date-of-convenience that everyone would prefer to forget. It comes complete with a cat working his way through his nine lives, all the sexy times, fish and chips, and a swoony happily-ever-after.]

Basically we are all about to find out how smallish town USA goes mad for its hockey and baseball players. Baseball in the summer, and hockey in the winter.

They wear the jerseys and the baseball caps. they have mascots. they have strange behaviours that they believe influence the outcome of the matches. they hero worship. And are in love with their team and all its players, without fail, win or lose. And there are ‘bunnies’ in bars for all the players. And the players make atrocious amounts of money not just for playing but also for being the ‘face of’; and are at the mercy of the management who can trade them to another team if they think they can get enough money for them, or swap them for another player/s who are better. And this can mean moving across country every couple of years.

Many of the guys in these novels are either related to each other, or have been friends since childhood. And the same goes for the women. Which means we also find out something about their back story and how they became the player that they are. In some cases it is quite tragic when we find out for instance why one of the Berger twins doesn’t speak much.

I have read all of these in a Pippa Grant fest – I just went through the catalogue. First the Baseball players and then the Hockey players as the Berger twins interested me. Why were they so big? I never did find out. As it seemed that their parents were normal sized and twins that are extra sized? Were they just as big when they came out of the womb? Or did they just grow into these monstrously tall and muscled bodies over time?

Pippa Grant novels: Master Baker / Hero and Hacktivist / Pilot and the Puck-up / Rockaway Bride / Real Fake Love / Liar Liar Hearts on Fire / Beauty and Beefcake / Hot Heir / Royally Pucked / Flirting with the Frenemy / America’s Geekheart

image 22 - Who do you Love?

Not Beck but Beckham!
 Did he add socks?

Example of how the players made a lot of extra money as Beck has his own underwear range and poses wearing it for the publicity…

Also:Happy Cat (with Lili Valente) / Copper Valley Thrusters / Girl Band / Misfit Brides with Jamie Farrell / The Officers Ex-Wives Club / Bro Code / Bluewater Billionaires /

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Oh these hockey players….

So this was an ARC from the author for review as part of her continuing story of the hockey players (and football and other hot men…) from this small US town which had an ice rink in the winter and a football pitch in the summer.

We are working our way through all the players and this time it was the tuen of the latest player to join the hockey team as a (temporary) replacement for the goalie who had been ill. However, he was so good they kept him on as alternate.

We have met Muffy, the female lead before. She is a bit a klutz, lives with her mother, and fails to keep a job. however, she has a start-up business, part funded by a friend in Matchmaking. With a very unfortunate name for her business. Also, I don’t get why, with an excellent second name – Alexandra – she could use that or Alex rather than Muffy, but Muffy it is.

Jaegar is the goalie she has a relationship with. he has been in previous books, but at that time, I wasn’t at al sure about his character, but in this it really comes out. I still don’t like his beard – but that’s personal and if Muffy likes it, well… although the scruff in the book cover is something else.

He seems to be a good, non-judgemental, intelligent and caring person, and very tolerant. He would have to be with Muffy. And his family. His sisters are hilarious. And as the baby of the family, with a very much older brother, and then sisters and a mother with no filters on their words at the family dinners, he had a lot of knowledge that most men don’t acquire until much later in life!

As always, this book is very funny. Very well written. and worth buying.

51q8PY7D1YL - Oh these hockey players....

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Winter is going? Book Blitz

image 15 - Winter is going? Book Blitz

When a pair of magical skates helps me find my fated mates, the last thing I expect is to get rejected, betrayed, and framed for a crime I didn’t commit.⁣

⁣If you like sassy witches, wonky magic, panty-melting fated mates, and intriguing mysteries, you’ll love this steamy, laugh-out-loud paranormal romantic comedy with all the feels!⁣

⁣Wynter by @miaharlanbooks is a standalone in the Silver Springs shared universe and comes complete with a happily-ever-after. Click here to read this fun, quirky romance today ➞ https://amzn.to/2ZaGYfl⁣

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Excerpt 1:

“I thought I’d test out the rink,” I tell Hockey Hottie—who I really can’t keep calling that, even just in my head. Not unless I want to risk blurting it aloud. “I’m Zoelle Wynter. Zoe for short.”

“Wynter, eh?” He lets out a deep, throaty chuckle that I can feel right down to my toes.

Then he extends one large hand, palm up. For a second, I think he wants me to cross the distance between us to shake it. But then he looks up at the sky and watches as the snowflakes drift down onto his skin. They melt against his bare palm and suddenly, I want to melt against his palm, too. To feel his hands all over me. To see what those long fingers of his can do.

I don’t think I’ve ever had such a strong reaction to a man. Not at first sight. I’ve had one-night stands before, but I’ve never wanted to strip a man naked outdoors, in the dead of winter. Or wondered if a hockey player might want to do any other type of scoring on the ice.

“Leaf,” he calls out.

“What?” I stare up at him, wondering if I just zoned out on half of what he was saying. Why else would he be talking about leaves? Unless he means the Maple Leafs? But why even bring up a human hockey team, when as far as the NHL is concerned, supe teams—and supe players—do not exist?

“My name.” He rewards me with a throaty chuckle. “Scottish mother. Jewish father.”

“And they called you Leaf?”

“Leith, with a TH.” He grins as he spells it out for me. “It actually means wet. So nothing to do with leaves.”

“Wet,” I repeat and swallow hard.

Leith rewards me with a knowing grin. One that has my body reacting in… well… the way his name would entail.

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image 16 - Winter is going? Book Blitz

Author Bio

Mia Harlan lives in Canada with her husband (who’s definitely Not a Vampire) and their adorably fluffy cat. They recently welcomed a Mini Mortal (a baby girl) into the world and are happy to report she doesn’t have fangs. Mia is a librarian by day and an author by night. She’s been reading romance since she turned thirteen and published her first one in mid-2019. She writes humorous, quirky (and mostly paranormal) reverse harem romance.

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