Love me again: Book Blitz

Love me again: Book Blitz

A white puff of air filled the space between him and the steering wheel, and he realized he’d sighed. How long had he been sitting here, mind and memory in the past? Shoving his hands into gloves, he opened the rear door, grabbed the white plastic bag, and made his way to the front of the bin.
Determined, focused, and grim: That was Luke Luview these days. A bad match for a town that existed to make people feel good about love.
Living in Love You, Maine–heck, being a Luview–was never harder than when you had a broken heart.
Time to let go of some of the pain.
“AAAAAAooooooooo,” called out a band of coyotes in the distance, making Luke jolt. His personal weapon was at home. He didn’t carry it in the glove compartment or on his body when he was off duty, but as the coyote population grew in the area, maybe he should.
A few feet from the donation bin’s front, he looked at the lever to pull down, squeezing the bag slightly. A whiff of Amber’s perfume caught his nose, so faint he almost imagined it.
Colleen had washed all the clothes a few weeks ago, so he knew he imagined Amber’s scent. Didn’t matter. He’d take the illusion. That was how much he hurt.
A skitter inside the box made him frown.
Damn animals. They got in those bins all the time. He felt sorry for the poor sap who emptied these metal boxes, carting all the goods to the warehouse in Manchester where they cleaned and sorted, getting it all ready for the second-hand retail stores.
Just do this, he thought, swallowing hard as the coyotes mated in the distance. The sound was violent and creepy, but for whatever reason, it felt fitting.
Throwing the tangible reminders of that terrible day into the donation box felt dangerous, too.
“I love you, Amber,” he murmured. “But I have to let you go. Have to let that day go. Harriet needs a daddy who isn’t tied down by grief. Just because I’m doing this doesn’t mean I love you any less, though.”
Tears pricked his eyes. “Why is this so hard? Because it’s hard,” he said with a huff. “That’s what you would say if you were here. You’d hug me and comfort me and tell me feelings are meant to be felt or they’d be called something else. You’d have all the right words. I don’t have any. I just have a big hole in my life, Amber. And you’re never going to fill it. Colleen says I can’t feel guilty for moving on. I don’t. But I sure do feel weird.”
And then he reached for the handle, pulled it down, and threw the bag in while calling out loudly, “I love you.”
To his utter shock, she replied from the darkness of the box, “I’m in here!”


Turner rules OK. Book Review.

Well well, Sheffield has certainly changed since I lived there..

We left many years back when the River Don was still a nasty smelling sewer full of chemicals and not a place to sit by.. The steel industry went into decline and Sheffield suffered badly, but seems to have pulled itself back up with a lot of Yorkshire grit no doubt.

We liked being so close to the moors but not above the snow line – you needed to watch out for that – the closer to the moors, the higher you were and the colder it got.. and we are forever grateful that we were outbid on the house with best view ever! The art in this story made the telling even better for me, as I also love Turner and the Romantics and the Arts and Crafts movement. we go to as many exhibitions as we can here in London, which is such a joy for us, and we are so looking forward to going to the galleries again – Covid permitting. we buy local original art when we can afford it – we have a wall or two full of it and always complaining we have no more room but always finding room for yet more… we don’t like prints but do like the work our friends produce!

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Beware Secrets

A fun novel with two storylines intertwined: the surprise wedding and the football mad partner who takes his girlfriend for granted.

Now, as this novel was written by a bloke you can tell he knows the football mad personage – and even the potential reaction of a man who thought all was well in his world being thrust into a secret wedding.

So we have the story of the woman, with whom I can empathise, who wants to get married before she gives birth – which is getting ever more imminent – and her partner isn’t taking the hints.

So she organises a secret proposal and wedding in Barcelona with even manages to bring along some guests without him being aware. One of whom has a partner who is totally football obsessed. And again, very unaware of what is going on in her mind.

Nicely written with enough humour and (stock) characters that you recognise.

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Books/book review/fiction/Romance

I’m a Jewish Mama, I believe food is love

This is a foodie’s dream novel. It is full of descriptions of the tastes of food, the sight of food, and even the philosophy of food. That food is love and cooking is giving love to the recipients.  A philosophy that Jewish and Italian mothers amongst others will surely agree with.

You drool over the cakes described – and if you eat meat (which I don’t) then you would drool over the dishes, all this from an author who clearly in love with food herself.

Well written and very well described. Fun to read and dream.

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Books/book review/fiction/Romance

Just what is Love?


Love is trying to avoid a divorce – knowing when you are better off with the husband you know than the hottie you’ve just met.

So Ellie runs a dating agency/marriage mart but finds that a lot of her clients are getting divorced after seeming so happy initially. This worries her as either she is doing something wrong, or  the couples had expectations that weren’t being met with their new partners.

With her investors agreement she sets out to find out what makes couples divorce and what can help them stay together.

Now in terms of divorce, the Times newspaper ran an article on August 22nd this year – which coincided with when I was reading this book (!). the article stated the following based on reports from lawyers and courts and evolutionary biologists:

  1. There is a peak of divorces after the summer vacations
  2. There is another peak after Xmas.
    1. These peaks are explained by –
      1. family rows;
      2. disappointment with the holiday or Xmas with the family – expectations not being met;
  • the anticipation for a new beginning going sour.
  1. Don’t watch porn with your spouse
  2. Women are constantly checking their partnerships to ensure that they have the best partner for their needs (and the needs of the children). They are evolved to have affairs. This is a natural back-up plan as switching partners / mates can have evolutionary advantages. Someone richer, stronger, a better provider etc.

So is there a conclusion? Read to find out but maybe love is a choice we make for ourselves?


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