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Pursuing hotly

Hot Pursuit Book Cover Hot Pursuit
A Hostile Operations Team Novel - Book #1
Lynn Raye Harris
Man-woman relationships, romance, contemporary, military
22 July 2013

The last man she ever wanted to see... Evie Baker's luck just ran out. Thanks to an ex-partner with organized crime ties, she's lost her restaurant, her money, and nearly all her self-respect. Forced to return to her hometown and work as a shampoo girl in her mother's salon, she doesn't think her luck can get any worse. But then someone starts shooting at her, her sullen baby sister is suddenly missing, and the high school heartthrob who stole her heart-and her virginity-is the only man big enough and bad enough to help. Might be the only one who can save her... Captain Matt "Richie Rich" Girard can't afford to get involved. He's already on the verge of a court-martial after a Top Secret op gone wrong, and he's been ordered to stay out of trouble while he's home for his sister's wedding. But when Evie's ex-partner turns up dead, staying out of trouble is the last thing on Matt's mind. He failed Evie once before; he can't fail her again. If he's going to protect her from a killer, and find her sister before time runs out, he'll have to risk his entire future-and both their lives-to do it. Things are about to get HOT in the bayou!


The boy voted most likely to succeed at high school  meets the girl from the wrong side of town – and then 10 years pass.

The boy – from the richest family in the area is a patriot and has joined the army – not Daddy’s oil firm, and has become a seriously hot member of the HOT team – who undertake deep black operations.

The girl has trained as a chef but her restaurant has gone bust due to a dodgy money deal  done by her business manager – aka her boyfriend.

They meet again. Sparks fly. But the girl is in trouble due to her ex-boyfriend’s antics and the HOT member has to use all his HOT skills to get her out her mess.

So boy meets girl. Fireworks. Breakup. Boy meets girl again. More fireworks.

Standard fare but –

I did rather like the story for the truth of just how unpleasant Louisiana swamplands are. Snakes. Alligators. Mega mosquitoes. Heat and humidity too.

The story kept moving with a number of twists and turns and even though the ending was predictable, getting there wasn’t.

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Books/book review/fiction/crime fiction

When being military is not enough

Recruited Book Cover Recruited
Rayna Tan Action Thrillers Book #0
Wesley Robert Lowe
military, crime, thriller

When four US and Canadian forward air controllers were taken hostage by an Islamic terrorist organization during a blistering seesaw battle in Iraq, CANUS-ETF (Canada United States Expeditionary Targeting Force) knew they had to act fast. A hundred million dollars was demanded and everyone knew there was no way the ransom would be paid.

The best chance for rescue was to deploy a small team of elite combat rescuers. American Navy Seal Captain Jonathan Rogers was chosen to head the mission. His Canadian counterpart was twenty-six-year-old Rayna Tan, the first woman to ever lead a Special Forces operation in the Middle East. She had proven herself as a warrior leader but this mission had exceptional potential perils.

RECRUITED is the opening novella in the new Rayna Tan series. If you like relentless action and adventure, terrifying suspense and mind-bending twists, you’ll love these high stakes thrillers.


A Disappointing Novella.

I thought we would have a good kick-ass heroine from the description and cover but she turned out to be rather a wimp. Maybe the remainder of the series is how she turns into kick-ass but I couldn’t be bothered to carry on as the story didn’t have enough character.

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And they fight for Charlotte

Charlotte's Army Book Cover Charlotte's Army
Patty Jansen
sci-fi, military,
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
(7 Feb. 2015)

In a far future, a fleet of ships hurtles through space on its way to a distant war. Aboard the ships is an army of artificial human soldiers, highly trained and dangerous. Doctor Charlotte West, the neuro-technologist responsible for the soldiers’ artificial brains, travels in the support fleet. Two months before the arrival at the war site, the soldiers start fighting each other and disobeying commands. When they are brought in for tests, Charlotte finds that all seven thousand men share a pathological obsession with her.

In this novella we encounter an army of clone warriors. The ultimate warrior it would seem. And Charlotte has them all under her spell – and it would seem in her bed too…

Clones it would appear are emotionally linked as well looking alike. So copying cells and DNA must also have an effect on their minds.

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Commando means more than one thing

The Navy Seal's E-mail Order Bride Book Cover The Navy Seal's E-mail Order Bride
Heroes of Chance Creek
Cora Seton
Love stories
One Acre Press
November 17, 2014

Mason Hall, Navy SEAL, knows all about difficult assignments, but his current mission is one for the record books. Not only must he find a wife--and get her pregnant--or forfeit the ranch his family has prized for generations, he must also convince his three brothers to marry, too--before the year is up. Who knew one city girl and three wayward brothers could put up such a fight? Regan Anderson can't wait any longer to meet Mr. Right, so she's taken matters into her own hands. She's quit her job, given up her nice apartment and undergone all the preliminary appointments to prepare for artificial insemination. Still, becoming a single mother is daunting, so when she spots Mason's Wife Wanted ad on the Internet one night, she's ready for a few laughs. She's sure the ad must be fake, but when Mason answers back, she soon finds herself wanting more than a long distance relationship. If Mason can just keep her talking until he makes it home from Afghanistan, he's sure he can convince Regan he's her man. But when he whisks her off for a trial run in Chance Creek, they're in for an unpleasant surprise. The ranch is in ruins, the house has been stripped, and they're going to have to work day and night to beat Mason's deadline to win it back. Can two strangers pull together against all odds? Or is this mission doomed to fail?

4 hunky cowboys enter the US military in each of 4 different services. They are brothers with a ranch that got effectively trashed by their uncle who inherited after their father died.

Their aunt now owns it and has promised to give it back to them provided they do one thing for her – they must all marry within the year – and one of them must have a child. And the clock is ticking.

So the first to go is the Navy Seal who is about to leave the service.

He creates an advert for a bride. But by accident meets up with someone who has never lived on ranch.

I love the sneaky trick played on the Commando course and can quite understand why it existed with 4 lively hulking  boys around.

I enjoyed this. It kept me interested and was humourous.

If you like it there are stories about each of the brothers.

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Books/Romance/crime fiction

Have you got a fever?

The story starts with Mike and Piper in Khartoum, now a city broken and run by street gangs led by local warlords with ambitions. They meet over the scope of a high powered rifle – suitable for assassinations and other sniping activities. They are both there undercover trying to track down some strange activities by targets they have been authorised to follow – CIA and the military – Naval Intelligence.

Now think about the ultimate terrorist plot – is it by nuclear weapons? Or could it be an infectious disease? Or Saran gas? Or? What would you choose to maximise its impact? What are the items you would need to minimise its effect?

So if you are a terrorist determined to attack a prime site – how would you choose that site? The ideal would be to match the site with the weapon ‘s greatest effectiveness – so a site with a large population and easily managed for the weapon.

But first you need to find out what the weapon is. Who manufactured it. And what are the possible effects of the weapon and then who will be delivering it and when.

So these are the tasks that Mike and Piper have to undertake in situations of extreme peril.

Whilst in some ways this is not a new plot – others have visualised terrorist plots with infectious diseases or other weapons of mass destruction I did find this an enjoyable read. It had some extra twists and turns that maximised its potential.

It was not ‘heavy’ but well written and easy to read. Although there seem to be a lot of pages, in fact they are not densely written and the story carries along at a fair clip.

An honest review for the Read and Review Club.

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