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Scaly Tale

Ocean’s Justice Book Cover Ocean’s Justice
Ocean's Gift - Turbulence and Triumph Prequel Series
Demelza Carlton
paranormal romance, mystery, new adult
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
(1 Sept. 2014)

Cast adrift on the Indian Ocean, eighteen-year-old Maria is saved by the crew of the steamship Trevessa. She can't tell them her tragic tale, so the superstitious sailors make up their own stories – and some would sacrifice her to the seas to save themselves from the coming storm. Scottish engineer William McGregor boarded the Trevessa in search of adventure. He finds a crew convinced their ship is cursed, as he fights to protect the mysterious girl and bring her safely to shore. When the sharks start circling and the storm closes in, are sirens more than just a myth? A tiny taste of what's in store: My defiance was futile. What did it get me? A small raft drifting across the Indian Ocean, with nothing but the sound of waves and the smell of salt and coal-smoke. Smoke meant a ship. I was saved. I squinted into the sunlight, but the waves hid the vessel from me. Maybe I was looking the wrong way. I didn't have the strength to sit up and see. Rough hands seized me. I struggled, but my weakness won. Blue eyes drifted above, the same colour as the ocean below. A tangle of wiry seaweed obscured the rest of the man's face. "It's all right, lass. I'll take care of you." Darkness took me first.

The Little Mermaid retold

A very short but sweet tale with some interesting twists in the tail(!)

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Chatty Ghosts

In Good Spirits Book Cover In Good Spirits
Michelle Bardsley
paranormal romance, mystery,, contemporary, new adult, humour
Freeman Publications
(29 Jan. 2016)

When Las Vegas cocktail waitress Violetta Graves is wrongly accused of killing her ex-boyfriend, she knows the odds are stacked against her. Still, she’ll do almost anything to avoid using her gift (hah!): the bad-luck-inducing ability to talk to ghosts.

Being considered a murder suspect by hunky homicide detective Matthew Stone motivates Vie to straighten out her priorities. She’s being framed by an unknown killer, her uptight sister has lost her ever-lovin’ mind, and the hot guy she can’t resist might have to arrest her. Vie has no choice but to turn to the supernatural for help, and try to remain in good spirits.

Whilst I liked this story – it was very short and thus not enough content.

But the ghost of Violetta’s boyfriend was fun, especially when he could possess other people and talk for them.

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When Winter is wonderful

Winter Wonderland: 11 Book MEGA Bundle Book Cover Winter Wonderland: 11 Book MEGA Bundle
Excite Spice Boxed Sets
by Selena Kitt (Author), Sommer Marsden (Author), Kiki Howell (Author), Mallory Path (Author), Phillip Sweeny (Author), Paul McDermott (Author), J.M. Snyder (Author), Alessia Brio (Author), Will Belegon (Author), Giselle Renarde (Author), Rachelle LeMonnier (Author), Saskia Walker (Author)
paranormal romance, mystery,, contemporary, new adult, humour
November 2015

.. This 11 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle brings you all sorts of winter delights. If the spirit and magic of the season just isn’t enough to keep you warm as the weather turns cold, you can count on these tales to do the trick!

Inside you will find eleven heart-warming and toe-curling tales of the season, a multitude of sexiness guaranteed to spice up your nights! You get over 60,000 words of steamy, sensual stories that will warm you up faster than an eggnog by the fire on a cold winter night.

So let it snow and curl up with a dozen of the hottest authors in the genre and let these sexy, seasonal stories bring you the best of all things winter!

This is a set of 11 novellas

I have read books 1 and 2 only

Book 1: The Break by Selena Kitt 3.5 stars

Book 2: Xmas Surprise by Kiki Howell 3 stars

As neither of these books was particularly inspiring I decided not to read the remainder. I need to be very inspired by short stories and novellas as they are one of the hardest things to write.

I think some authors think they are easy because they are short – which is exactly why they are hard – try writing a PhD in 5000 words rather than 100,000 but still include everything that is relevant and that tells the reader that which is new and different about your theories, and all the data collected and what it means. Impossible.

That is why writing summaries are so difficult – they are too short – I get this all the time from my students – not enough words!

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Books/book review/fiction/Romance

Design your Dresses

Designing Emma Vol 1 Book Cover Designing Emma Vol 1
Designing Emma
Clarissa Carlyle
coming of age, new adult, romance
short story

With her two best friends, Daniel and Damion, at her side, Emma finally feels as if all her dreams are coming true. Her fledgling fashion company, Delacourt Designs, is finding its feet and a love she never imagined is beckoning.

Yet just when Emma’s life seems to be falling into place, it all falls apart on the heels of her father’s alcoholism and gambling addiction. Watching someone she loves tumble into ruin destroys a part of her, and suddenly Emma is faced with a choice that could change everything.

A rather sweet YA romance with a business element thrown in.

Not really sure how this makes a series.

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Seraphs are around and awake

Well once upon a time there was a coffee house and Seraphina likes to go there. the owner/barrista prepares her coffee just as she likes it.

Then she has an accident and things change for her - through the intervention of Nathan. Who is not quite who he seems.

Suddenly Seraphina is not quite human. and she finds out about a hidden world that she is now part of. And there are 2 hunky men interested in her. But which is the good guy and which  is the bad?

Seraphina has always had some psychic abilities although she had not realised it and these are now enhanced and developed.

This story has some elements which are unusual and some that are found in other paranormal stories. There is humour and Sheena always writes a good tale and thus she is worth reading. Apparently this is a character from a previous book which I have not read and tells you more.

Overall i would give this 3.75 as I enjoyed reading it, but not enough to continue with the series.

Sheena Hutchinson:

Sheena is a born and raised New Yorker, even her writing can’t seem to hide her hard sarcasm. She claims destiny has lead her back to her true passion for writing.

She constantly strives to be a positive role model and writes stories that empower and inspire. Sheena always roots for the underdog, believes in love at first sight, and that everyone should have their happily ever after.

While God is currently still writing her love story, she continues to put all her effort into her writing as she is constantly getting new inspiration.

For more info, updates, and fun facts visit her website at




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