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Not that Book

This is not that Book. It is another one.

This is not that story – it is another one.

A different story. A story of of passion and compassion. A story of communal mind-sets and beliefs.

A story full of characters, scenes, emotions, descriptions. Full but very readable. Slow paced yet still full.

I knew from very early on just what the scandal was going to be – roughly anyway. I knew what it would be about, when it would happen, where it would happen and who would be the main protagonists. But still I was entranced by the story of how we got there and how people reacted.

The writing for me was very powerful – the use of repeated phrases and sentences was very effective.

And the story of just how brutal hockey and the life in a very small and isolated dying town can be, and the need to conform to these small minds, was chilling.

Looking forward to the sequel.

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Enter the Doctor – when you’re dead.

Brilliant new Medical Examiner series with a doctor who prefers her patients dead and with a sociopathic husband who doesn’t exactly want her dead, but close will do.

My first Girard novels and not my last.

I couldn’t put down Exhume and wanted so much to find out how the story ended that I carried straight onto Excise, book #2.

The sociopathic husband is well portrayed – just enough details to know he is extremely creepy and enough to know that only his (or her) death will stop him.

Anna – the ME, is also well portrayed such that we really understand how her mother’s emotional abuse primes her for Spencer’s (her husband) and leaves her vulnerable.

Excise, the second book is a direct continuation and we are ready for the manipulation by Spencer and to understand why Anna continues to work despite recovering from surgery.


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