Not so young as their name.

Fake It Book Cover Fake It
Young Brothers Book 1
by Brisa Starr
New Adult | Romance
Pub Date 26 Sep 2020

Harper Dallas is so desperate for the job, she's willing to lie on her resume to get it. But she has a good reason, and she's qualified. So that makes it OK, right?

Ethan Young is her devastatingly hot and sexy new boss, and he hired her based on her lie. He's wonderful, and he's falling hard for Harper. But office romance is forbidden, so he can't touch her, no matter what his heart and hormones say. 

But when the boss and employee take a business trip to Las Vegas, well... what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! 

Eventually, Harper knows she must tell Ethan the truth, even if it means risking everything... her newfound happiness, her amazing job, and the man of her dreams. 

Her lie is eating her alive. If she comes clean, will their love survive? 

Author’s Note: Fake It is a standalone steamy romance novel about a hot-n-sexy boss and employee relationship. It has a happily every after ending. It’s also the first book in a romance series, with stories about Ethan’s brothers, Gavin and Benjamin!

This book is a series of three about the Young brothers who own restaurants across Arizona. Book One deals with marketing. I thought that the marketing ideas were rather old hat and as for lying on your CV that’s okay we all exaggerate and take a little bit of what our bosses do into our own tasks and responsibilities. The office was based on the West Coast laid back style with games and nap chairs type but still seemed rather more conventional than many I have read about. I did like the element of autism that was brought in very empathetically. I give this four stars

Book 2 of the Young brothers dealt with a lot of body enhancements. I found it very difficult to warm to the characters as they were so extreme in their views – there was the view of frugality as opposed to spending; the issues of biohacking; and it seemed to me that saving a million is not enough to retire on especially if it’s invested in the stock market  – as it would require interest and the stock market goes up and down loads.  And interest is often negative on savings. And then, using houses as retirement savings is also a dodgy area, in that you need a. the renters and b. what happens if the economy crashes. A lot of friends of mine ended up with negative equity with the last house price crash, and I understand that it is worse in the US. If the writer had made more of the true finances of retirement and savings at present, I would have given this book another .5 star. I give this three stars. Book 3 is not yet out.

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Books/book review

Let’s have an island kingdom.

Falling For The Secret Prince Book Cover Falling For The Secret Prince
(Royal Christmas at Seattle General, Book 1)
Alison Roberts
HarperCollins UK, (Mills & Boon Medical)
October 29, 2020

Revealing his past…

is a risk worth taking!

Dr. Dom Di Rossi’s world literally crashes through the ER doors when his father, the King of Isola Verde, is involved in a car crash. Until now, Dom’s royal connection has been carefully guarded. But when Dr. Emilia Featherstone, his old medical school rival, recognizes a previously unseen vulnerability behind his delicious eyes, she unintentionally becomes the keeper of his secret – and his heart!

Secret Princes are all the rage at the moment – at least this one isn’t a RockStar but a very successful ER Consultant and chief of Seattle’s main hospital.

Prestigious as his work is, and however hard he worked to achieve this role and his success, he has always known that at some time it would come to an end, and he would have to go back home, to Isola Verde and become King. Absolute Monarchy rather than Constitutional it seems.  And this time arrives. And he is needs more .. so his old rival in medical school is seen as that more..

In many ways this draws on the typical medical drama – a successful male and a female in his department – except that this female is a genius and completed her medical trauma training at a very young age. And is not a nurse!

We have drama and plenty of opportunity for further books to become pat of a series as to how it all works out and what about his sister and his best friend?

Nicely written in its genre but little that is unexpected once you know he is a Prince in disguise. Will appeal to the core audience for medical dramas.

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Bay of Healing

Redemption Bay Book Cover Redemption Bay
Haven Point #3
RaeAnne Thayne
HarperCollins UK
July 1, 2015

‘A rising star in the romance world. Her books are wonderfully romantic, feel-good reads that end with me sighing over the last pages.’ Debbie Macomber, bestselling author of Any Dream Will Do The perfect summer read from New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne

I recently got this book from NetGalley and Mills and Boon but then found it was first published in 2015.. and the author has since written a whole set of 11 books for this series plus a complete back story.

This book is the 3rd in the series but can easily be read alone. the story concept for the series is about healing – a lake where the native Americans used to come to heal sickness whether mental or physical but has lost its power over the years. These stories are about how the healng power was reinvigorated.

The Redemptions are an imaginary set of mountain in Idaho, although there is a Redemption Trail and a Redemption Rock at Post Falls. To my astonishment I have found that there are 114 mountain ranges in Idaho!!

It has hot springs, glaciers, mountain goats, peak bagging, salmon rivers, national forests and much more – and stretches up in a very narrow finger right up to the Canadian border. Great for the outdoor enthusiast but cold and rainy of course!

As for the story, it was a cosy second chance romance with some inter-racial element as the heroine was half-Mexican. With an unpronounceable name originally which was changed on her adoption.

It had some issues that it discussed about small towns and lack of industry and being cut-off from the main commercial routes – only 90 minutes to an airport! only… But in todays’ digital and zooming world, and considering they were thinking about a digital organisation, being close to an airport is not a big thing for most employees – just make sure you have enough band width!

Overall a nice story but are small towns really that nice to everyone? But it was supposed to be the big selling point so…

I liked the writing style but the series isn’t for me – the heroine lacked snark and her adaptation to her home was too slick and lacked believability.

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A Christmas with a lost lover as a present

Christmas With Her Lost-And-Found Lover Book Cover Christmas With Her Lost-And-Found Lover
(Mills & Boon Medical)
Ann McIntosh
Fiction, romance, Women's fiction
HarperCollins UK
September 17, 2020

He’s walked back into her life – After half a lifetime...

It’s years since Rohan Khan promised Dr. Elise van Hagen that he would be back for Christmas. He never returned and Elise raised their son alone. So, when the veterinarian reappears during a rescue in snowy Banff, Elise can’t believe her eyes! But Rohan has no memory of their past. Can these long-ago lovers make up for all the Christmases they have missed?

Second Chance Romance set in Banff with lots of snow, dogs and mountain rescue.

Elise was on the Search and Rescue team with her dog Baxter

 But had given it up – she claimed perhaps it was because she was getting older, even though she was extremely fit, but there had been incident with her last search and rescue that had left her psychologically scarred.

But she was called out on an emergency as no one else was available and an old flame, Rohan, turned up.  But Rohan had been dead for 27 years so who was this stranger? And she had a sone to concern herself about now so she needed to be very cautious.

Rohan Khan worked with animals, dogs, but wasn’t native or even living in Banff. He was just there to retrieve some dogs – huskies in fact – that had been rescued from a bad place where they had been mis-treated and finding himself called out to the rescue was not what he had been expecting. But the rescue was at the place he was collecting the huskies from so he helped Elise.

This is a story about love lost and found, but includes elements of inter-racial marriage, accidents, and to some extent, dealing with prejudice about life choices.

A nice ‘older characters’ romance with credible story-line. But seriously going out for mountain search and rescue in your 40s is seriously fit Elise!

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Italian Marriages?

Confessions Of An Italian Marriage (Mills & Boon Modern) Book Cover Confessions Of An Italian Marriage (Mills & Boon Modern)
Dani Collins
Fiction, women's fiction
HarperCollins UK
August 20, 2020

He’s back to reclaim her... But where has he been?

What do you do when your husband goes missing? Flush him out by pretending to marry again! Billionaire Giovanni’s dramatic return forces Freja to confront the deep hurt she felt at his desertion…and the sparks that continue to fly between them…

Giovanni had to go into hiding to protect his new bride, but he’s shocked by the consequences his mysterious past had on Freja. Now he’ll have to let her closer than he’s allowed anyone before, if he’s to save the whirlwind marriage he’s suddenly so compelled to fight for!

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