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Brownies, Wraps and Gumdrops

I received this book free in return for a fair review.

Now who would have thought that spiced whiskey was actually something that people did to a good drink? And then add it to Brownies and Gumdrops too? The Brownies must taste really odd. And not suitable for children despite the gumdrops – which seem to me, to be something you would add for children alone.

I did look on the net to see if anyone had such a recipe but it was not obvious, so I guess it was an invention of the author. It does appear that some people do spice their whiskey and I have actually had buttered whiskey which my husband rejected immediately as a very wrong thing to do! He loves his Talisker and other such with a tiny tiny drop of water and at room temperature. That is the way they should be drunk he feels and I am sure that a great many people agree with him!

That aside this is a sweet book of a small town romance with lots of hiccups on the way and a nice tale of someone who wants her own business but has neither the (official) training for it (high school graduation only?) nor the money. And how she realises her dreams – both of them.

Jean Oram's style is easy and fun and flows along with twists and turns and obstructions to be overcome before the final ending is achieved.


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Are you Ready?

As always with Robyn Peterman the story telling style is funny, told from a sassy female’s point of view, wit on wheels with the words and sexy.

So here we have a werewolf working for the paranormal agency as an undercover agent and she is sent back to her childhood home. Of course, they think she is a failure – well she was one when she lived there – and they don’t see why she might have changed.

She has a brilliant gay Vampire as a friend who goes everywhere with her – for his entertainment – who proves to be rather more than he appears to be on the surface when push comes to shove.

Example of dialogue:

Heroine to her boss:

‘First of all, my ass is not hairy except on a full moon and you’re smoking crack if you think I’m going back to Georgia’.

‘Am I your boss?’

‘Is this a trick question?’

‘Fine. I’ll quit. I’ll open a bakery.’

‘Excellent, I’ll let you tell the Council …’

The Council consisted of supernaturals from all sorts of species … the Vampyres were loosey goosey, the witches were nuts and the freakin’ Fairies were downright pushovers…

 The Dragons.. had their own little club and a psychotic desire to rule the world.

 I love everything that Robyn writes and just wish I could write like her… I love the fact that the 95 pound grandmother can out fight the heroine and still thinks she is a little girl – except in werewolf terms she is at 28. And the best friend is very well described in his clothing and attitudes and the fact that he was very rich after all he was 300.

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Should handcuffs be fluffy?

Once upon a time there was a respected Professor of Women’s Studies - Professor Sue - who also wrote extremely successful erotic novels featuring rather a lot of BDSM.

And there was a rather naïve aspiring writer who had joined a romance writer’s support book group where this Professor was a member, in the hope of learning how to be a successful novelist herself. The group consisted of several rather older ladies who all seemed to write erotic novels in different genres. Now this aspiring writer was a actually a CPA in real life although she had aspired to other careers rather infamously it turned out as being a CPA was boring.

And so the series of three novels by Peterman starts.

In this novel we are introduced to the main characters who all play an important part in the series and interact with Rena our heroine: Evangeline O’Hara, Shoshanna LeHump (aka Professor Sue), Kristy, Nancy, Poppy Rose Petal, Joanne, Cecil, and Pirate Dave (who has his own book).

Peterman always seems to have a character who likes to mess with people’s names in her books and of course we have one here – Evangeline never addresses anyone by their real name, just makes up something that starts the same.

And things become increasingly more bizarre as the story unfolds.

There are plenty of allusions to erotic habits, mistakes and deliberate misinformation, characters who are nasty and need taking down a peg or two, lots of humour and ridiculous things happening and basically a raunchy laugh-along first book that makes little sense for real life but adds up to a fun book to read and giggle with.

I’m only giving it 4 stars as I think the series gets better in books 2 and 3 which you just have to read.

Oh, and don’t forget the sexy cop for the romance element – that’s why there are handcuffs in the series name.

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And Amy….

Once upon a time there were twin sisters.
Very non-identical twin sisters.
One was a very outgoing, lively, adventurous person - living life to the full, and the other was not. she was trying to be good - for everyone. And the Roman Catholic demands for clean living that she had been taught and rules that she should follow to enable her to be the good person.
But this left her a dull person. Who dressed very dully and safely and prudishly. And her husband found her dull too - in and out of bed.
And then along comes a rake.
Who falls for our prude - the pure and innocent in mind and emotion if not quite body. And he awakens her from her sleep.
And through twists and turns a new life awaits Amy.
So perhaps a rather standard story line but with a twist and quite well told. Still not quite a read that grips the reader.


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