Amusing George

An Accidental Royal Kidnap Book Cover An Accidental Royal Kidnap
Paul Mathews
humour, contemporary fiction, mystery
Independently published
November 24, 2020

When London schoolteacher George Nearly wakes up one Sunday morning to find a dishevelled young woman sprawled on his living-room rug, claiming to be a princess, his plans for a peaceful day at home recovering from his 39th birthday party disappear faster than a French monarch's head during a revolution. And when the feisty royal accuses George of kidnapping her, his very ordinary life is turned completely upside down, as the party princess takes root in his apartment, causes royal waves among his friends and family, and demands to go walkabout on the streets of London. It's blue-blooded British comedy by unofficial royal appointment in this hilarious, and often surreal, regal romp that's guaranteed to raise a laugh from Balmoral to Buckingham Palace! The first novel in the Royally Funny Books series This very British comedy novel is the first in a series starring reluctant hero George Nearly, the unpredictable Princess Araminta of Essex ('Minty' to her friends) and a host of other quirky characters - all of whom make Mad King George seem like a perfectly sane individual. Royals and commoners collide in these uniquely English adventures that lovers of comedy fiction around the former British Empire and beyond will enjoy. And if you're reading this, Your Majesty ... we guarantee that you will be amused, ma'am!

There’s something about a book character named George. they can be one of 3 things: all somewhat charming in their own way.

  1. a small grubby full of questions and questioning boy;
  2. a scruffy mongrel dog inevitably rolling in whatever smelt the worst;
  3. an Englishman. recognizable by leather elbow patches, cricket flannels too baggy. a domineering mother. a loser group of friends. and a loser girlfriend with a lack lustre love life.

Guess which George we had here. And no, he didn’t wear flannels and elbow patches but close!

Amusing story here as George clearly had no idea what he was about and how to deal with strange arrival in his life. But a happy ending and all was well through a series of amusing episodes. Nicely written and full of expectations fulfilled.


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No, The Other One:

The Other Prince Book Cover The Other Prince
(Royal Connections, #1)
Alice Dolman
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance
Campbell Press
Publication date: April 19th 2021

After moving to London, Amelia Glendale landed her dream job as a lawyer at the Queen’s Charitable Foundation. But when the queen dies, Amelia finds herself working for her longtime royal crush, Prince Leo – and his stuffy older brother Prince Edmund. Charismatic Prince Leo was once known for his hard-partying ways, but has settled down and thrown himself into a life of philanthropy. He’s Amelia’s perfect man and she’s sure they’d get along if she wasn’t too star-struck to speak to him. Prince Edmund has always been the sensible brother and dutiful heir, until a scandal of epic proportions leaves his reputation in tatters. With his comfortable existence disrupted, he sees a chance to build a life and relationship where he is more than just his position. Thrown into the princes’ orbit, Amelia discover that maybe the perfect man for her isn’t the prince she expected. Will Amelia get her fairytale ending, or will the pressures of life in the spotlight be too much to bear? This feel-good romantic comedy about love, friendship and tiaras is perfect for fans of American Royals and The Royal We.

Excerpt 1

“I know it’s been a long day, but would you like to come back with me for dinner? Lucy and Emma are coming over for a post-trip debrief, and I’m sure they’d like to see you.”

“I’d love to, but I promised Penny I’d have dinner with her. She’ll disown me for sure if I stand her up.”

“Are you sure? Am I going to have to get down on my knees and beg?”

Now that’s an image. How am I meant to say no to that?

“Alright, I’ll come for dinner. But I’m going to have to leave early—eight p.m. at the latest. Don’t let me lose track of time.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Walters is standing squinting out the window as the flight attendant disarms the door. He turns around and walks towards us. 

“Excuse me, Your Highness. It seems we have an issue.”

“What’s the matter?”

“There are photographers on the runway. We’ve called airport security, but it may take a while to clear them.”

“Are the cars ready to go outside?”

“Yes, sir.”

“In that case, let’s just get to the cars quickly and head out.”

“Are you sure, sir?”

“Yes, quite sure. I don’t want to spend an hour waiting for airport security to deal with it.”

“As you wish, sir,” Walters responds. He strides back to the door and nods to the flight attendant who opens the door. 

With the door open, Walters walks towards the stairs with Edmund and me following behind. 

“What are we having for dinner then? Have you got your chef on standby?”

“I’ll have you know that I don’t have a chef.”

“But you can order food from the kitchens at the other apartments, right?”

“Well, yes, Helena has extra kitchen staff, so they can cater for the rest of us. But that’s not the same as having my own dedicated chef.”

“Oh, of course not, Your Highness. You’re the picture of the everyman. The public would never question the cost of the monarchy again if they knew you were here sharing chefs,” I say, rolling my eyes. 

No response. Eddie is frozen at the door with his back to me. Oops, maybe that one went too far.

“Hey, I’m sorry. It was just a joke…”

“It’s not you,” Eddie says stiffly. “It’s them.” 

My gaze follows Eddie’s hand as he gestures out the door to the runway. On the ground is a pack of at least forty people with cameras and microphones. There are flashbulbs going off everywhere and photographers and reporters jostling and yelling over each other, trying to get our attention. This is not what I pictured when Walters said there were photographers here. 

Watching the scene down on the ground, I try to figure out how so many people got here so fast. Is this what it’s always like when Eddie goes out? There were reporters following us around in Kenya, but it was nothing like this. They were a small group of pre-approved professionals. Something about this pack is far rougher and more volatile. 

“What do we do?”

“They’ve already seen us, so I say we keep our heads down and get to the cars as fast as possible. You’d better head back to your flat. If they get photos of us going into KP together, things are going to escalate quickly.”

“Right, of course. Okay, I guess I’ll head home.”

Eddie walks down the steep stairs and I follow, watching my feet and trying to pretend that this is a totally normal experience that I am completely fine with. The facade doesn’t last long. 

Halfway down the stairs, the wind dies down and I’m hit by a wall of sound. Everyone on the ground is yelling. Reporters are shouting questions, airport security officers are screaming at the reporters to move back and Walters and the PPOs are urging Eddie and me to move faster and get to the cars. Making my way across the tarmac to the car, I keep my head down and catch bits and pieces of the questions being hurled at Eddie through the chaos.

“Why did you cheat, Edmund?”

“What did Sibella say?”

“Give us a kiss!”

“How long have you been seeing her?”

After what seems like an hour, I make it to the car, and a PPO opens the door and starts pushing me in. As he does, I look up and see a lone reporter with floppy brown hair and tortoise-shell glasses staring at me. Not Eddie, me. “Oi, Amelia! How does it feel to finally catch a prince?” Before he can say anything else, I’m shoved into the backseat and the door slams shut next to me. 

“Camden, is it, ma’am?” the driver asks, looking at me in the rear-view mirror. 


“We’re headed to an address in Camden?”

“Oh, yes. Thank you.”

“Don’t worry, ma’am,” he says, his eyes softening. “You’ll get used to it.”

Excerpt 2

The camera cuts to a hotel in central London, with Cyril and Elizabeth’s heads superimposed in at the top of the screen. 

“Here we are at the Dorchester Hotel, where Lady Sibella spent her last night as a single woman.”

“Yes, Cyril. As we speak, Lady Sibella and her parents the Duke and Duchess of Chester will be entering their car in the private courtyard at the rear of the hotel. We should be able to catch a glimpse of them any moment now. Ah! Yes, there we are!” Elizabeth says as a dark Rolls Royce appears in view. 

“Can we see anything?” Penny asks as we all strain to see through the windows of the car as it drives down the street. 

“I think I see full-length sleeves,” Steph says. “And a boat neck?”

“The sleeves are lace,” Penny says, peering at the screen. 

From the BBC commentary box, Elizabeth jumps in. “Cyril, I can confirm that we’ve just had word from Lady Sibella’s team that Jenny Packham, a favourite of the royal family, designed her gown. I can’t wait to get an unobstructed view when she arrives at the Abbey in just a few moments now.”

True to Elizabeth’s word, a few minutes later, the Rolls arrives at Westminster and pulls to a stop at the front steps. An aide appears and opens the door to the car, standing by waiting for Sibella to step out. 

“What’s going on? Get on with it, love!” the man of the week calls out two minutes later when the palace aide is still dutifully standing and holding the car door open with all occupants still inside. 

“I don’t know, she might have to fix her make-up,” I say. But as I do, a hand appears from within the car and pulls the door shut. The Rolls Royce moves, and we all glance at each other in confusion. 

“Is she… is she leaving?”

“Oh my god! I think she’s leaving!” shrieks Steph. 

The car speeds up, and just like that, it’s out of view. The TV footage then cuts back to the camera in the abbey where Edmund and Leo are standing in the nave, Edmund looking jittery as he keeps glancing down the aisle. Leo nudges Edmund and makes a comment that’s not caught by the microphones before giving Edmund a goofy grin. Edmund smiles tightly back at Leo and seems to relax a fraction.

“They don’t know,” I blurt out. “They don’t know that she’s left. Is Prince Edmund being left at the altar on live TV? Is that what we’re watching here?”

Before anyone can answer, an aide appears on screen, running from the side of the church towards Edmund. 

“What’s he doing? Is he going to tell Edmund that she’s gone in front of everyone?” Penny squeals. 

But when he reaches Edmund, red-faced and shaking, he says nothing. Instead, he just holds out a phone. Looking confused, Edmund takes the phone. We all watch in silence as Edmund stands at the end of the aisle, in front of two thousand guests and millions of people at home. In an instant, his face crumples. He shakes his head twice, as if in disbelief, and then turns, throws the phone on the ground and storms down the aisle. 

The footage cuts back to the BBC commentary team. “Elizabeth, it’s not entirely clear what’s happening right now. There’s no official word from the palace as yet, but it appears that Lady Sibella Cavendish has turned runaway bride.”








Get your copy of The Other Prince by @alicedolmanbooks today ➞⁣

Isabel Jolie, or Izzy to her friends, is an Amazon bestselling indie author with an unquenchable thirst for a good, sexy love story. Izzy’s heart pumps faster for stories with strong heroines, down-to-earth realism, and an unexpected twist.

When she’s not writing or reading, she can often be found with a glass of wine in hand relaxing with her husband, daughters, and good friends lakeside.

Izzy fills her Instagram feed with funnies, inspirational “brain candy”, and anything that meshes with her mood of the day. #mood.

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Let’s have an island kingdom.

Falling For The Secret Prince Book Cover Falling For The Secret Prince
(Royal Christmas at Seattle General, Book 1)
Alison Roberts
HarperCollins UK, (Mills & Boon Medical)
October 29, 2020

Revealing his past…

is a risk worth taking!

Dr. Dom Di Rossi’s world literally crashes through the ER doors when his father, the King of Isola Verde, is involved in a car crash. Until now, Dom’s royal connection has been carefully guarded. But when Dr. Emilia Featherstone, his old medical school rival, recognizes a previously unseen vulnerability behind his delicious eyes, she unintentionally becomes the keeper of his secret – and his heart!

Secret Princes are all the rage at the moment – at least this one isn’t a RockStar but a very successful ER Consultant and chief of Seattle’s main hospital.

Prestigious as his work is, and however hard he worked to achieve this role and his success, he has always known that at some time it would come to an end, and he would have to go back home, to Isola Verde and become King. Absolute Monarchy rather than Constitutional it seems.  And this time arrives. And he is needs more .. so his old rival in medical school is seen as that more..

In many ways this draws on the typical medical drama – a successful male and a female in his department – except that this female is a genius and completed her medical trauma training at a very young age. And is not a nurse!

We have drama and plenty of opportunity for further books to become pat of a series as to how it all works out and what about his sister and his best friend?

Nicely written in its genre but little that is unexpected once you know he is a Prince in disguise. Will appeal to the core audience for medical dramas.

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Look harder!

A Royal Christmas Quandary Book Cover A Royal Christmas Quandary
Samantha Hastings
Young Adult Fiction, Macmillan Children's Publishing Group, Swoon
Swoon Reads
October 6, 2020

Readers looking for a light, fun read full of holiday mischief will be delighted by Samantha Hastings' A Royal Christmas Quandary, perfect for fans of A Christmas Prince and The Crown. When you spend Christmas in a castle, anything is possible. 1860. Lady Alexandrina Gailey is looking forward to a cozy holiday at Windsor Castle with her best friend, Princess Alice, and her long-time crush, Lord George Worthington. But Drina's plans are all but dashed when Alice's parents, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, declare that Alice must choose one of two royal princes to become engaged to before Christmas. There's just one problem: George, a junior member of the Foreign Office, has accidentally misplaced one of the princes. Together, Drina and George scour the town of Windsor for the missing prince, desperately hoping to deliver him to the royal dinner party with the queen none the wiser. They might just need a royal Christmas miracle to pull it off.

I liked the way this story mixed fact with fiction – faction in truth except that the people you would normally write faction about, were bit part players here. Queen Victoria appeared here in all her majesty and dictates. A suitable story for tweenagers.

Unfortunately for our heroine the entailed Estate was still legal at this time. In fact: England only outlawed the entail in 1925 applying to real estate. But England still allows male-only primogeniture for aristocratic titles, but this was changed for Royalty in 2013 whereby an Act of Parliament replaced male-preference primogeniture with absolute primogeniture for those in the line of succession born after 28 October 2011, which means the eldest child, regardless of sex, precedes their siblings.

And as for the crinoline and corsets – well – the fact that women had difficulty going through doors was well known as it was considered fashionable to have the largest crinoline you could, with the most furbelows!


I liked the adventures that our hero and heroine got up to, no matter how silly or unlikely, but still come back to the idea that 18 is much too young to decide on who to marry even though it was common then – and as for the Princess who was engaged at 14, well…

I also liked the parlor games and thought they could be great fun considering the lack of other entertainment – and as for the forfeits they were rather cheeky. Ice skating was a popular pastime too as it was rather colder during this period than it is now – partly because of the mini Ice Age being experienced, but also because of the Krakatoa explosion in 1883 which dropped average temperatures by at least 1 degree for over a year due to the dust cloud cover.

Over all a nice romp through a Victorian romance .

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When the President isn’t

American Royals Book Cover American Royals
Katharine McGee
YA, Romance, Royalty
September 3, 2019

Romance, glamour, ambition and power . . . meet the Washingtons - the most scandalous royal family ever! HRH Princess Samantha has always been a royal rebel. She's the spare not the heir, so no one minds too much who she dates or how hard she parties. It helps that her sister, Princess Beatrice, is literally perfect. She's demure, sweet and beautiful, and she knows that the crown always comes first - no matter what her heart might really want. But they're not the only ones with their eye on the throne. Daphne Deighton might be 'newly noble' but she won Prince Jefferson's heart once, and she'll do anything to get back into the court's favour - and his bed. If only she knew that her competition was a common nobody - plain little Nina Gonzalez, the daughter of the king's secretary. Together these four young women must navigate the drama, gossip, scheming and sizzling romance of the most glorious court in the world. They'll either be crowned in glory - or end up as shockingly royal disasters.

Overall I liked this alternate history of America and thus the world.

My one issue was with Daphne’s age. She was still 17 at the time of writing.

Her scheming was that of a teenager true, but the concept of marriage at such a young age- well. My guess is that the ages of the main characters were to appeal to an YA audience.

It would have been nice to have had more history of America in the storyline. What had happened after the war with the British?

There were odd sentences here and there-eg about slavery & Native Americans, but they only left me wanting more detail.

I’m sure a YA audience will love this new series, after all, so many girls dream about being a: a. a princess and b. To be in charge- to rule.


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