Love me again: Book Blitz

Love me again: Book Blitz

A white puff of air filled the space between him and the steering wheel, and he realized he’d sighed. How long had he been sitting here, mind and memory in the past? Shoving his hands into gloves, he opened the rear door, grabbed the white plastic bag, and made his way to the front of the bin.
Determined, focused, and grim: That was Luke Luview these days. A bad match for a town that existed to make people feel good about love.
Living in Love You, Maine–heck, being a Luview–was never harder than when you had a broken heart.
Time to let go of some of the pain.
“AAAAAAooooooooo,” called out a band of coyotes in the distance, making Luke jolt. His personal weapon was at home. He didn’t carry it in the glove compartment or on his body when he was off duty, but as the coyote population grew in the area, maybe he should.
A few feet from the donation bin’s front, he looked at the lever to pull down, squeezing the bag slightly. A whiff of Amber’s perfume caught his nose, so faint he almost imagined it.
Colleen had washed all the clothes a few weeks ago, so he knew he imagined Amber’s scent. Didn’t matter. He’d take the illusion. That was how much he hurt.
A skitter inside the box made him frown.
Damn animals. They got in those bins all the time. He felt sorry for the poor sap who emptied these metal boxes, carting all the goods to the warehouse in Manchester where they cleaned and sorted, getting it all ready for the second-hand retail stores.
Just do this, he thought, swallowing hard as the coyotes mated in the distance. The sound was violent and creepy, but for whatever reason, it felt fitting.
Throwing the tangible reminders of that terrible day into the donation box felt dangerous, too.
“I love you, Amber,” he murmured. “But I have to let you go. Have to let that day go. Harriet needs a daddy who isn’t tied down by grief. Just because I’m doing this doesn’t mean I love you any less, though.”
Tears pricked his eyes. “Why is this so hard? Because it’s hard,” he said with a huff. “That’s what you would say if you were here. You’d hug me and comfort me and tell me feelings are meant to be felt or they’d be called something else. You’d have all the right words. I don’t have any. I just have a big hole in my life, Amber. And you’re never going to fill it. Colleen says I can’t feel guilty for moving on. I don’t. But I sure do feel weird.”
And then he reached for the handle, pulled it down, and threw the bag in while calling out loudly, “I love you.”
To his utter shock, she replied from the darkness of the box, “I’m in here!”


Come Back: Book Blitz

She leaned on the suitcase. Even in the moonlight, and despite her frown, she still had the most beautiful blue eyes. Eyes as blue as the bay. The Texas coast wasn’t known for its clear waters. It didn’t have the blue of the Caribbean, but the way the reef protected the shore gave it a unique environment, and it had the bluest water. He’d forgotten how he’d thought of the bay as Brie blue, and paired with her chestnut hair, she was one of the prettiest girls in Texas.
He started back to the porch and his beer, but he caught sight of her out of the corner of his eye, trying to stand. She stumbled over the suitcase and fell on top of it.
He raced toward her. “How much of that bottle did you drink?”
She looked at it and shrugged. “Not sure. Four or five.”
“Four or five what? Sips? Gulps? Gallons?” She rose and tottered back and forth. Her back end was high in the air. All these years later, she still had the finest derriere he’d ever seen. “Let me help before you hurt yourself.”
She wagged a finger behind her. “Stay away from me.” She shifted and grunted and righted her suitcase, only to lose her balance again. This time she landed on top of it like it was a lounger. She squeaked, then smiled and let out an “Oh, this isn’t so bad.” She opened the bottle for another drink.
“Is that wise?”
“What do you care?” She laid back and looked up at the twinkling lights of the willow tree. “Did you know when I woke that morning, Mama got me ready? She used an entire can of Aqua Net. I smelled like Ms. Cricket but looked like Miss America.” She ran her hands through her hair and sighed. “I had the prettiest braids going in every direction, but they all came together in the back.” The whiskey bottle fell into the sand, which was probably a good thing. “So pretty.”


A Christmas with a lost lover as a present

Second Chance Romance set in Banff with lots of snow, dogs and mountain rescue.

image 14 - A Christmas with a lost lover as a present

Elise was on the Search and Rescue team with her dog Baxter

 But had given it up – she claimed perhaps it was because she was getting older, even though she was extremely fit, but there had been incident with her last search and rescue that had left her psychologically scarred.

But she was called out on an emergency as no one else was available and an old flame, Rohan, turned up.  But Rohan had been dead for 27 years so who was this stranger? And she had a sone to concern herself about now so she needed to be very cautious.

Rohan Khan worked with animals, dogs, but wasn’t native or even living in Banff. He was just there to retrieve some dogs – huskies in fact – that had been rescued from a bad place where they had been mis-treated and finding himself called out to the rescue was not what he had been expecting. But the rescue was at the place he was collecting the huskies from so he helped Elise.

This is a story about love lost and found, but includes elements of inter-racial marriage, accidents, and to some extent, dealing with prejudice about life choices.

A nice ‘older characters’ romance with credible story-line. But seriously going out for mountain search and rescue in your 40s is seriously fit Elise!

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Rhode Island and weddings

Well we all know the ending when we read one of these stories, but the art of the story-teller is how we get there.

This is a sweet cozy romance set in a gorgeous coastline, with a wedding in a dream house – a real dream house – Rosecliff, Newport, Rhode Island – see photo below.

image 3 1024x395 - Rhode Island and weddings


image 5 1024x408 - Rhode Island and weddings

Add in a cute kitten for him, was wounds, PTSD and you have the prototypical wounded soldier, and then a widow and so the story continues/

There is one redeeming feature from the sugar overload, and that is we get an element of therapy for emotional wounds.

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And Cornwall grows fine wines

This is a gentle second chance romance, set in Cornwall and their vineyards.

It is cosy in style and written so as to be fairly contemporary in language but not explicit in behaviour – the behaviour is implied as we have 2 pregnancies before marriage in it!

It is very family oriented and lauds the benefits of living within a multi-generational household unit – even though this can be very problematic as my mother-in-law would have attested if she admitted it… her mother being a tyrant..

Overall a very pleasant story and style, but for me a little too sweet, I prefer more drama and bite.

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