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No Spark?

Raleigh is a 14 year old girl, possibly with Aspergers, but who has a friend who may also have Aspergers or they are both somewhere on the spectrum.. but her friend definitely has OCD in a big way.

They at the extreme end of the socialisation spectrum and Raleigh has an obsession for Geology and goes into some very strange, and rather dangerous places to find samples of soil and rock to consider hypotheses.

Raleigh’s friend runs off and only Raleigh believes that in fact she was kidnapped as she recognises elements of her friend’s apparent behaviour that do nto chime with her OCD behaviour.

I anted to read this book bev]cause of the aspergers element which I thought was interesting and should help the plot as they tend to be obsessive about the smallest points and thus clues would not miss them.


I tried twice. The first time I got to 15% and stopped.

The second time I got a little further – 35%. But again failed to drum up the enthusiasm to continue.

Perhaps I am the wrong audience?


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