When you love your enemy: Book Blitz

Enemies To Lovers: Book Cover Enemies To Lovers:
Series Starters Set
by Brittni Chenelle
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, New Adult, Paranormal, Young Adult
Publication date: January 22nd 2021

Their most dreaded rivals might be their greatest need. But with peril dogging their every encounter, will they give into dangerous desires?

Box set: 750+ pages of angsty enemies-to-lovers adventures with daring heroines and their foes destined to become forever partners.

Princess Charlotte’s whole world changed one morning over breakfast. With her mother announcing a rushed arranged marriage to a humorless prince, she’ll do anything to stop the wedding – including shooting him with an arrow. But after the kingdom is invaded and a sinister plot to capture her discovered, can she convince her unwanted suitor to help keep her out of enemy hands?

Reina Bennet won’t stop believing that she’ll eventually get her abilities. But when her childhood champion grows up into a smug superpowered bully, her escalating rivalry with her ex-friend gets them both kicked out of school. And after he ends up in a rebel group at their new academy, can she put aside her grudges for a chance at a fresh beginning?

Princess Sinna of the Shadow Court fears her fated mate means certain death. So when a magical ceremony reveals him as the powerful vampire king, she’s eager to prove she can be a worthy Hunter by killing him. But can she stop herself from falling hard as she tries to seduce him into a fatal embrace?

Enemies To Lovers: Series Starters Set is a kickass collection that includes the YA fantasy Kingdom Cold, the new adult fantasy The Fae & The Fallen, and the adult paranormal romance Chaste Blood. If you like strong women, diverse characters, and emotionally-charged conflicts, then you’ll adore Brittni Chenelle’s bestselling sensations.

Their most dreaded rivals might be their greatest need. But with peril dogging their every encounter, will they give into dangerous desires? ⁣

⁣If you like strong women, diverse characters, and emotionally-charged conflicts, then you’ll adore Brittni Chenelle’s bestselling sensations. ⁣

⁣Enemies To Lovers is a kickass collection that includes the YA fantasy Kingdom Cold, the new adult fantasy The Fae & The Fallen, and the adult paranormal romance Chaste Blood. 

750+ pages of angsty enemies-to-lovers adventures with daring heroines and their foes destined to become forever partners.

AUTHOR BIO: Brittni Chenelle is a USA Today Bestselling Multicultural Fantasy Author who specializes in multi-POV romances. She loves to explore the blurred lines between good and evil and believes wholeheartedly in a great story’s ability to bring people together.

When she’s not writing, she can be found at her home in South Korea where she spends far too much time consuming coffee, dark chocolate, and videos of animals doing human things.

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Fire is not to be played with: Author tells us

Playing with Fire
April Henry
Genres: Thriller, Young Adult
Published by: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
Publication date: January 19th 2021

When a fire cuts off a popular trail in the Oregon forest, a small group trapped by the flames must find another way out―or die―in Playing with Fire, an unrelenting teen-vs-nature YA thriller by New York Times bestselling author April Henry. Natalia is not the kind of girl who takes risks. Six years ago, she barely survived the house fire that killed her baby brother. Now she is cautious and always plays it safe. For months, her co-worker Wyatt has begged her to come hiking with him, and Natalia finally agrees. But when a wildfire breaks out, blocking the trail back, a perfect sunny day quickly morphs into a nightmare. With no cell service, few supplies, and no clear way out of the burning forest, a group of strangers will have to become allies if they’re going to survive. Hiking in the dark, they must reach the only way out―a foot bridge over a deep canyon―before the fire catches them.

April Henry Tells why she wrote this book:

After I read news stories about a group of hikers was trapped by the Eagle Creek Fire in 2017, I knew immediately that I wanted to put fictional hikers in a similar situation. The real group of hikers trapped at Punchbowl Falls numbered over a hundred, but that’s far too many to follow for a book. I cut it down to about a dozen.

In real life, as in the book, people who had planned on doing an easy three mile round-trip trek to a swimming hole suddenly found themselves forced to hike over twenty miles on much more treacherous trails, much of it at night.

I was fascinated by the idea of this disparate group of people having to pull together if they are to survive. And after writing books featuring serial killers, it was kind of fun to write one where the serial killer is nature. I wanted the characters to survive everything the environment might throw at them, so I brainstormed scenarios with a search and rescue leader. He told me some crazy true stories about the Eagle Creek Fire. One was about a large tree that toppled and torpedoed down a couple thousand feet of scree slope, which sheared off all its limbs and turned into a giant log missile. I used that in the book.

I decided that my main character had survived a house fire as a child, so I researched house fires, burn units, and trauma therapy.

For additional research, my husband and I hiked in the unburned side of the Gorge in Washington State so that I could take pictures and make mental notes.

I also became certified in wilderness first aid.

The fire struck close to home. In fact, if the winds had shifted, it could have reached Portland. Even so, it burned for weeks. On many days, my car was coated in ash. The Columbia Gorge is considered one of the jewels of Oregon, but now the trees that used to stand sentinel on the hills are nothing but blackened stubs. Surviving a wild fire unfortunately continues to be a timely topic, as the summer of 2020 saw even fiercer wildfires burning in California, Oregon and Washington.


April Henry is the New York Times–bestselling author of many acclaimed mysteries for adults and young adults, including the YA novels The Girl in the White Van; Girl, Stolen; The Night She Disappeared; The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die; The Girl I Used to Be, which was nominated for an Edgar Award and won the Anthony Award for Best YA Mystery; Count All Her Bones; The Lonely Dead; Run, Hide, Fight Back; and The Body in the Woods and Blood Will Tell, the first two books in the Point Last Seen series. She lives in Oregon.

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Purgatory is not what is was:

Quasi Redux
(Angelbound Origins) #8
Christine Bauer
Fantasy, YA, Myth and Legend, Fairytale
Monster House Books
(29 Sept. 2020)

Myla Lewis has her life back. Wife. Mother. Queen of the Thrax. Great Scala and mega boss of supernatural igni. Yay! Then one day, Myla runs across a strange fountain and her igni screech like crazy. Our heroine speaks the fateful words, “Some days, I wish I weren’t the Great Scala.”

Turns out, a demon-titan named Bedlam lurks behind the fountain… and he grants her wish.

Moments later, Myla returns to her teenage days of Purgatory High. No husband. No child. And zero power over igni. Without Myla around as the Great Scala, all quasis now live under Armageddon’s rule. That sucks. Hard. So Myla sneaks into Antrum in search of her husband, Lincoln. Together, they’ll take down the evil Bedlam and return life to normal, easy peasy. But once Myla arrives, two problems arise.

First, her husband doesn’t know her. At all.

Second, Lincoln is married to someone else.


Christina is back in form with this novel -very enjoyable and innovative story as we discover that a small change in lifelines by a demon can change everyone’s history. And what we get is a version of Beauty and the Beast. Lincoln being the Beat of course, but is Myla a Beauty – well that really depends on your point of view and whether or not you like her tail (!)– and Lincoln is already married to a Beauty – whoops!

So a demon – Bedlam –  appeared who can remove the Igni from our heroine and send her back into a time when she was a fighter in the Arena and removes some of her memories as well.. Only it wasn’t really Myla – the body she was dropped into looked like her but apparently was a lab made person created from the DNA of all the best Arena fighters for the amusement of Bedlam and the demons who now fill the stands – that’s right, no Quasis. Purgatory has changed dramatically, and not for the better – and neither has Myla’s dragonscale fighting suit which is falling apart and apparently, her bottom is falling out of it too.

But the Beast isn’t having a much better time. Arx Hall isn’t in a good state, his Thrax are not well trained – or have died fighting and he keeps having premonitions about demons that he going to have to fight alone.

Of course, there are many adventures between this new incarnation of the various planes and Lincoln and Myla’s reunification. And look out for the Rainbows – the promise of better or a remembrance?

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Nasty Chimera returns – or does he?

Zinnia Book Cover Zinnia
Bk #3 of Angelbound Offspring
Christina Bauer
Young Adult Fiction
Monster House Books
July 30, 2019

"YOU HAVE TO READ ZINNIA! This book definitely surpasses my expectations ... which were pretty high because Bauer's novels are just that amazing. Grab this book. You know you wanna!" - Haddie's Haven As the last dragon shifter, I live alone, hiding in one of Earth’s sacred deserts. My human handlers tell me that I have no parents, no name, and no purpose other than to train for battle and one day become a vessel for the reincarnation of Chimera, the greatest dragon shifter of all. Sadly, Chimera’s rebirth will mean my own death. But my handlers say this sacrifice is a noble fate that will rebuild the dragon shifter world. I shall die on my seventeenth birthday. That’s five days from now. Then I hear music thumping across the desert. I take my mortal form, follow the sound, and find humans dancing in what they call a rave. There is a stage and a rock band. One thing quickly becomes clear: Unlike the audience, the musicians are dragon shifters, just like me. And one of them, the guitar player Rhodes, makes my knees turn watery. The lead singer, Kaps, has something strangely familiar about her. It all adds up to one conclusion: My handlers lied to me. I’m not the last of my kind. Memories reappear. I had parents once. Portia and Tempest. I even had a name. Zinnia. Perhaps I have a reason to live as well. I step past the dancing humans to confront the players. I will find out the full truth, no matter what. "Sweet mother of mercy ANGELBOUND is beyond fabulous!" - For Your Literary Pleasure Blog Angelbound Origins In which Myla Lewis kicks ass and takes names. Nuff said. 1. Angelbound 2. Scala 3. Acca 4. Thrax 5. The Dark Lands 6. The Brutal Time (Fall 2019) 7. Armageddon (already here, long story!) 8. Quasi Redux (Fall 2020) Angelbound Offspring The next generation takes on Heaven, Hell, and everything in between 1. Maxon 2. Portia 3. Zinnia (Summer 2019) 4. Kaps (Summer 2020) 5. Huntress (Summer 2021) Angelbound Lincoln Angelbound Origins as told by Prince Lincoln 1. Duty Bound 2. Lincoln 3. Tricksters Also From Christina Bauer - Fairy Tales of the Magicorum, a series of modern fairy tales with sass, action, and romance - Beholder, where a medieval farm girl discovers necromancy and true love - Dimension Drift, a dystopian adventure with science, snark, and hot aliens Don’t Miss Out Get your FREE copy of Christina’s novella, BEVERLY HILLS VAMPIRE, when you sign up for her personal newsletter: ***Not available in stores***

As often happens this book was published out of order – as further/later books in this series have already come out. But it was worth waiting for as it I found it better than some of the others in this series – right up to last 20% where it began to ‘fail’.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed Zinnia as a character – her confusion about the outside world, her general character trained as it was by her captors, and her interaction with the band. Her sister was less interesting and seemed to be a very clumsy treasure hunter considering how long she had been undertaking it.

Bauer is an author who is inconsistent in her writing quality – some is excellent and some lacks that pazzazz that makes you want to read more – which was how I started with AngelBound – the Offspring have often been a little lacklustre. This one less so, so 4 stars.

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Pixie Pie

Pixieland Diaries Book 1
by Christina Bauer
Sci Fi & Fantasy Teens & YA
Monster House Books
31 Mar 2020

If you don’t like pixies, don’t read this diary. If you don’t like loud-mouthed pixies who are really cool but sometimes get told they’re immature (for no reason), then definitely stop reading. Oh, and if you’re His Awfulness The Elf Prince ‘Dare’ Darius, then you can kiss my butt. My hatred for you burns with the fire of a thousand suns. Thanks for getting me kicked out of Pixieland and exiled to attend some rando human high school on Earth. You’re the worst, even if you have a cute smile. And nice eyes. Your hair looks okay sometimes, too. But you’re still a creep and I loathe you. And to everyone else: if you’ve read this far, then you better finish my entire diary. My story is supernatural, whacked-out, and overall awesome.

Such a cute (not) Pixie growing up with 2 extremely elderly parents inside an acorn – but she has change her size dramatically to fit in. Yes, this Pixie can be multiple sizes. And she is caught up in the usual wars between Fairy Courts, PixieLand and and others of the Fae persuasion.

She is now coming into her majority – which is quite young, but she has been training for more time than others realise and has some very interesting abilities – including being able to manipulate Ley lines. And she proves to have a lot of power and oomph when needed. Not as sweet as her enemies believed.

It seems, according to the Lore, that if you live near Ley Lines – as her village does – humans can have Changeling children, and that is what she believes she is.

This is a rather cute YA story. Well told with lots of magic and suitable storytelling for this age group. Written as a journal with self-reflection.

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