Imprisoned Heir: A Paranormal Romance
(Atlantis Institute For Dangerous Criminals: Book One)
River Starr
Independently Published
Jully 2020

We're the most dangerous criminals...

They call me Nyx. Under the cover of night, I used to steal from the rich to give to the supernaturals at the bottom of the chain, and to earn enough money to find a cure for my sister’s death curse.

After an… accident we’ll call it, I ended up with a one-way ticket to the sea fae’s top prison: Atlantis. Not the lost city, but the inescapable penitentiary beneath the sea fae court. The Atlantis Institute For Dangerous Criminals is where the vilest supernatural prisoners are kept. Assassins. Murderers. Treasonists. And the three supernaturals sentenced with me are the most ruthless of the worst. Dax, the dark, enticing vampire whose gaze is too intimate for a total stranger; Titus, the fiery dragon shifter with an anger problem; and Frost, the winter fae with a chilly personality to match her ice-blue eyes.

But to escape and survive, we'll have to work together despite our differences...

We may not get along, but we’re all we have to survive and escape Atlantis Prison. It won’t be easy. Someone thinks I’m a criminal—but I have no memory of committing the murder, and it wasn’t amnesia…

It was the other soul inside of me.

Imprisoned Heir is the first of a paranormal prison romance trilogy full danger, action, heart, and an enemies to lovers fated mate romance. Scroll up to purchase your copy today and join the prison escape before the signal sounds!

For my mind I thought that there were plot holes that needed to better thought out – for instance – Nyx/Eos share a body but have different personalities and minds. Nyx is the daytime version and you would a. think that her body would demonstrate what Eos had been up to the previous night – whether she had eaten for instance, drunk alcohol or whatever; b. hen did Nyx actually ever sleep? She needs rest surely and if Eos is out all night and she is awake all day?

And didn’t the sister need to eat – she may not be hungry but not eating or drinking will certainly kill her.

Nyx was gullible – too gullible for someone who was playing at Robin Hood. And how did she know who needed help? All too glibly passed over to get her into the prison with her 3 companions and a ‘fated mate’. The latter being just one too many things for the plot. In my mind. Someone she could connect with perhaps but fated, really?

I just felt that the author had been reading too many shifter/fae stories and had just added all the elements together into a big mixer and come out with this story. Not for me, but young adults may enjoy.

We’re the most dangerous criminals…

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