Ruby Callaway Box Set Book Cover Ruby Callaway Box Set
Ruby Callaway - complete series
DN Erikson
New Adult, Urban Fantasy
Independently published
(14 May 2018)

All three Ruby Callaway novels and all four side stories together for the first time—1,100+ pages of snarky urban fantasy perfect for fans of Kate Daniels and The Dresden Files.

It all started with a death: her own.

Ruby Callaway is the most feared supernatural bounty hunter in the world. But even Ruby has limits. And, after two centuries, she might have finally met her match.

Spanning over two hundred years, from her origin story in 1812 (Bone Realm) to her battle against the corporate monolith MagiTekk in the near-future (Lightning Blade), Ruby Callaway: The Complete Collection is not your typical urban fantasy.

But, then, Ruby isn't your typical bounty hunter.

Ruby Callaway: The Complete Collection contains all three full-length novels in The Ruby Callaway Trilogy: Lightning BladeShadow Flare, and Blood River. It also includes all four of Ruby's side adventures fleshing out her two century backstory, previously only available to subscribers of D.N. Erikson's newsletter. These include two novellas: Bone Realm and Going Home, and two side stories: "Silver Tempest" and "Kentucky Clear."

There are 7 books in this series about Ruby – and her magic blade. And they can be bought as a complete collection.

3 books and 4 novellas – It is important to read them in the correct order as indicated by the author, as the novellas supply background and details about the characters and their interactions for the longer stories. They give you the history and timeline.

I thought that book 1 took quite some time to make sense until I realised that it was set in the very far dystopian future and that there is a time loop playing out; and that the novellas gave you the correct timeline against this time loop.

Cleverly written once you got the hang of it! I enjoyed the stories and found Ruby to be the type of heroine I enjoy reading about – she takes no prisoners..

Overall 4 stars but some of the storylines were a little weak, but still  well worth reading.

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