Awaken: The Rose Caldwell Story Book Cover Awaken: The Rose Caldwell Story
J.M. Bannon
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (28 May 2018)

Why can’t Rose Sleep? You couldn’t either if you had the recurring dreams that the young Sister Rose endures. Her spiritual quest to quell these dreams compelled her to become a nun, but her order offers no solution. After contact with an ancient relic, Rose’s dreams visit her when she is awake. The teenager who will one day be known as the White Witch of London seeks to hold on to her sanity, as she uncovers what is behind her dreams and the town of Chester’s dark history. You too may suffer sleepless nights if you dare pick up this book.

So once upon a time there was a Nun but she was more than her religious outer appearance – as she found out through her dreams – but a white wit h only does good – so her religious ideals held fast.

This is an interestingly written story set in steampunk times and alternative history.

Well written despite formatting and editing errors which means the star rating goes down to 4.

Please, please proof read your work authors – it really helps you get better reviews and encourages readers to read more of your work. I haven’t read more as a result…

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