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How long do you think about a topic before deciding to write about it? Do you have a set of notes or a note book where you write down topics that appeal before making a decision as to which topic this time?

My published books range from sweet romance to urban fantasy.  This is the first holiday themed romance that I’ve written. After writing about fallen angels for a lengthy period of time, I wanted to focus on something light and fun.

The idea for this story came in 2014.  As it percolated for many years due to other novels, I definitely would say this one took me some time. Everything does have its season, and I am glad The Christmas Mistake is now having its.

I do jot down ideas and keep them in a folder on a jump drive, but the story choses me. Many times, scenes swirl in my head until I write them down. I do write chapters in consecutive order. Once, I tried to write them as they came to me, but I found I spent more time linking them together then necessary.  So it’s much better to just keep notes on future chapters.

While I am writing, I keep a spreadsheet, which is a compilation of the characters, pictures of what they look like, pertinent information about them as well as the story, a summary of each chapter, etc.  It helps when trying to remember a character’s eye or hair color.  Also in the spreadsheet are the places that are in the story … information and pictures (sometimes from the ones I have taken or from the Internet).

I also keep a Word document called Brainstorming. It’s where I go to do exactly what I named it. I got this idea from a reference book written by David Morrell, the author of Rambo. Doing this helps when I am stuck (aka writer’s block). I start off with a word or phrase and put everything that pops in my head … even if it’s part of my grocery list!

All in all, I am a firm believer that the journey is a huge part of the reward, and I am thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns of Carina and Rad’s tale.

Enjoy the journey!

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Josephine Templeton has six published novels that range from historical romance to urban fantasy. She has been to numerous conferences, including Heather Graham’s Writers for New Orleans, as well as a former member of Romance Writers of America.

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