The Army Ranger Trilogy
Complete Collection
by Tracey Cramer-Kelly
Pub Date 4 Jul 2018

These U.S. Army Rangers fought for their country. Are they willing to fight for the women they love?

Cory Foster and Chase Richards have been friends since Army basic training. They went through hell together in Ranger school—and a different kind of hell during their tour in the Middle East. They’re at the top of their game. They’ve seen it all. They know it all. Then two women show them they still have a lot to learn—and that the most dangerous battlefield is the one in their hearts.

Meet Cory Foster: Always in control, this U.S. Army Ranger likes women in his bed but out of his heart—until he’s blindsided by love. But can he convince Maddy it’s worth the effort to keep their love alive?

Get to know Maddy Wright: An E.R. doctor who swore she’d never be romantically involved with a soldier—and now finds herself pregnant by one.

Struggle with U.S. Army Ranger Chase Richards: As he agonizes over his love for an unattainable woman, and then for the loss of his comrades—and more.

Cheer on Ella Foster: As she sheds her victim status and becomes the woman she was meant to be—and, perhaps, the woman Chase badly needs.

Join these characters you’ll grow to love as they fight their way through war, romance, injury and loss!



This trilogy book started well but although it tackled the very serious issues of PTSD, and loss of limbs and how to resettle into 'normal' life after serving, two things began to irritate as I read on. 
1. The sheer amount of sex and in depth description. We get it. Men are horny after service but to finish just about every, short, chapter with it was overkill.
2. Religion. I wasn't expecting this, and didn't appreciate being preached at. Religions cause wars. Read the Bible.
So I was torn about how to grade this book. But have come down to 3 because of irritation.

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